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Kellyanne Conway, the woman responsible for President-Elect Trump’s historic victory, is in it for the long run.  On Thursday, President-Elect Trump’s transition team announced that Conway would be continuing her political career as the president’s counselor- the same position that John Podesta once held in the Obama White House.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

As opposed to risotto recipes and invitations to spirit dinners, Conway carries with her to the White House a career packed with political achievement and the mentality of a champion.  After becoming the first woman to head a winning presidential campaign, it was rumored that Conway was intent on returning to a more private life, but those theories became an afterthought after Thursday’s early morning news.

Conway will continue her work in the Beltway alongside Steve Bannon, her colleague during the Trump campaign and chief strategist to the President-Elect.

With the combination of a sharp political mind and keen sense of humor, it comes as no surprise that President-Elect Trump would consider Conway as the perfect fit for one of his most senior Administration positions.

Below, enjoy a short clip of Kellyanne firing off a few barbs at her feminist detractors. Welcome, Kellyanne.