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If you ask a Starbucks barista, a college professor, or a DC pizza shop owner who the best Obama is, it’s a pretty easy choice since they only know one Obama. But for those who have tasted the fruit from the tree of knowledge during this election, another more prominent Obama has come onto the scene, and he seeks to redeem the sullied surname.

His contributions during this election started with an early endorsement of Donald Trump, leading Donald Trump to invite Malik Obama (known as “Best Obama” in all the websites that matter) to the 3rd Presidential Debate.

During that time, Malik has made a name for himself by connecting directly with Donald Trump’s supporters through his twitter account. Malik’s twitter account started to quickly pay off for his followers when he showed us proof of pay to play. Malik tweeted out that the Trehan Foundation mistakenly sent a payment to him instead of Barack’s “foundation”:

He also regularly bashed his brother, tweeting things like:

The internet easily took to Malik, inviting him to a reddit AMA on r/the_donald, cataloguing his foray into twitter, and watching him spend more time tweeting than his brother spends on the golf course. Eventually, someone exposed him to the magic of shitposting, to which he posed the question:

He quickly absorbed all that the internet had to offer, not only tweeting hundreds of times a day, but delving into the depths of the articles his followers would tweet to him. His journey of self-discovery began to feed in upon itself, to the point where he was consuming memes faster than they could be produced. Finally, he achieved meme ascendency and became self-aware, documented in this tweet:

Now, we can look forward to a Trump presidency punctuated by the words of an Obama who can say more than “if” and “if” and “if” and “okey-doke”.

Truer words were never tweeted, Malik.