Video: Chicago Police Chief Speaks on Brutal Torture of Special Needs Man — The Beltway Times


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Police have confirmed that the brutal torture and vicious beating of a Chicago man was the result of a kidnapping, according to Chicago news station WBBM. Chicago police officer Michael Carroll identified the special-needs man only as an adult male “with mental health challenges”.

Chicago’s 11th district police officers and detectives were able to quickly identify and apprehend four suspects involved with in the live streaming video where the unnamed victim was beaten, scalped, slapped, and burned with cigarettes.

“F**k Donald Trump, f**k white people!” one of the suspects screamed at the victim in the video, which was live on Facebook on a stream for over 30 minutes.

The girl responsible for live streaming the attack appeared to be receiving responses from her Facebook feed about the nature of the assault during the Facebook streaming. “My sister said this is not funny, you all,” she said, while laughing at the events unfolding and smoking a cigar.

“S**t, it’s funny to me,” one of the suspects responded. “Tell Donald Trump it’s not funny.”

Chicago police captain Stephen Sesso and Commander Kevin Duffin describe the attack, their subsequent investigation, and the state of the victim in the video below.