President Trump Keeps His Promises - Media and Liberals Shocked — The Beltway Times


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The media and Liberals have been shocked that President Trump has kept his promises. So much has been accomplished in a little over a week. Obamacare has be dealt its death blow (EO 13765), a wall is going to be built between Mexico and the US (EO 13767), and our borders are being secured from potential terrorists (EO 13770). What’s the one common theme with all of these actions? They are all things that President Trump promised that he would do during his successful presidential campaign. For those who were on the Trump train this doesn’t come as a surprise. When he was elected, we knew that he wouldn’t be like any other politician.

However, it seems that Liberals and the mainstream media are in panic mode. They are used to politicians being all talk and no action. They are in a state of shock now that President Trump is fulfilling his promises. For example, CNN hosted panels discussing why President Trump is following through on his word. The American voters expect nothing less!  Unlike the globalist elite that CNN supports, President Trump cares about the American people.

On Sunday, when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about Trump’s recent actions on ABC’s This Week, he said “President Trump talked about this throughout the campaign and the transition, and he’s doing exactly what he told the American people he was going to do.” President Trump has put every politician on notice; Liberal and Conservative. The American people want politicians to do what they promise on the campaign trail. We can only wait and see what President Trump is going to do next, but we can be assured that he will continue to keep his promises.