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Welcome to the inaugural edition of “The Twitterverse”, where our only aim is to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest new conversations in the political tweet deck.

We’ll kick things off today with a Malik Obama philosophical special that sums up life in the social media stratosphere. His brother Barack should be proud. And probably isn’t.

Approximately two months before he will assume office, many of Donald Trump’s supporters are starting to accuse Trump of backpedaling on his promises. YouTube stars Diamond and Silk are having none of it.

Former CNN anchor Piers Morgan had an interesting thought on the modern state of liberal hypocrisy.

Senator Lindsey Graham — of #NeverTrump leadership fame — tweeted out he was pleased that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was appointed the next ambassador to the United Nations yesterday. 12 active Lindsey Graham Twitter followers jumped out of their chairs in glee.

Today, Donald Trump named Betsy DeVos, the former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and a dedicated Republican fundraiser and organizer, as his Secretary of Education. DeVos spoke out on Twitter to voice her displeasure for “Common Core”, an oft-critized “nationalization” of the state-run education system programs.

Today we learned that Sean Patrick Hannity is not a fan of Willard Mitt Romney for Secretary of State.

Ann Coulter, the conservative author of the recent New York Times Bestseller “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!”, also had a message today for President-elect Trump, along with some harsh advice on a potential Secretary of State appointee.

On yet another “Mitt Romney for Secretary of the Romney Living Room Couch” note, the #NeverRomney hashtag began trending earlier today. Unfortunately, as has been the case all too often lately, Twitter removed the hashtag, which was trending at 253k tweets. Currently trending in its place are #survivor (9,009k), #AlexOvechkin (1,050k), and #KeepsTrumpUpAtNight (9,611k tweets).

On a high note — we leave you with a video tweet from President-elect Donald Trump. Happy Thanksgiving!