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There was a time not all that long ago when to hear new ideas, a person would naturally gravitate to the left.  Authors and thinkers, together, exploring new ideas where their exclusive province and universities were ferments of experimentation with concepts both familiar and radical.

They challenged the existing system, questioning whether or not institutions served the interests of our people and sought out injustices.  They stood up against authority figures and shouted slogans and chants they knew were offensive because they were willing to pay the price of social opprobrium to draw attention to their causes.  Even if you didn’t agree with the ideas they espoused, their energy and zeal was worth noticing.

Compare that to the left of today.

The university has become the new home of censorship, serving only to redact ideas which offend the liberal sensitivities promoted as the new orthodoxy.  Instead of defending their ideas with that combination of reason and passion which was the classical function of the university, students now retreat to safe spaces with coloring books when confronted with an idea that isn’t entered in their textbooks.

As reality crashed down upon them with this election cycle, instead of learning how to engage with people once more, it seems so many students have cratered into themselves and created a world of fantasy which is ever more detached from reality.

In this version of reality, privilege doesn’t belong to the people whose parents saved enough money where they could attend school without paying money while others work just to put a roof over their head.  No, it belongs to the evil forces of the other, which is to say anyone who believes in or represents traditional American ideas.

The hard worker: privileged.

The soldier: privileged.

The student: a victim.

Their victimhood is shared by their allies who believe they deserve special treatment and protection, and the only way to properly remedy their hurts is to demand quiet.  The world outside is to be shut out.  They will not listen, and given the opportunity, they will do all they can to not let us speak.

The left betrayed itself and everything for which it ever stood.

After years of social experimentation on Americans, the left has been exposed as both morally and intellectually bankrupt.  Racism hasn’t been solved, poverty hasn’t been eradicated, and the world is increasingly dangerous.  The response to their devastating failures is a retreat to name calling and accusation.

This is the America they have left us.  There is much to fix, but the good news is the years in the wilderness had precisely the opposite effect on many within the broader right.  It is a time of intellectual experimentation and discourse, this wedding of populism and conservatism, and the rediscovery of national pride and identity.

We have been most effective at shattering their politically correct consensus when we’ve been unafraid to explore new ideas and old forbidden ones as well.  Some will be discarded as deplorable and others will be adopted as only time can say, but the point is we are now the ones thinking, discussing, arguing, and getting active.  We are unafraid to defend our ideas, shouting from the rooftops, and asking hard questions.

Some are uncomfortable.  This is the price of free speech and evolution.  Confront ideas head on, discard those you don’t like, be honest with yourself, and work harder.

Either that, or maybe you go back to school.  If that’s what you want, there’s a safe space waiting for you where you will never have to hear another word you don’t like.  That’s all that is left.

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