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President Trump’s first full day in the Oval Office was productive. He made progress on several campaign promises, which include withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, reducing the size of the Federal Government, and changing the terms of a policy that provided abortion funding in foreign countries. The full text of the memorandums can be found on the website.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

  • The United States officially withdrew from TPP and will no longer participate in TPP negotiations.
  • Trade deals will be negotiated with individual countries instead of the 12 countries collectively.
  • The reason for the withdrawal of TPP is to “promote American industry, protect American workers, and raise American wages.”

Federal Hiring Freeze

  • To cut the size of government, there is a hiring freeze on all Federal civilian employees. Positions currently vacant will not be filled.
  • The creation of new positions will only be permitted under special circumstances.
  • The freeze does not apply to military personnel. It also does not apply to new positions that might be necessary to protect national security or public safety, but those positions may only be created by the heads of departments or agencies.
  • The Director of the Office of Management and Budget has 90 days to submit a plan to gradually reduce the Federal Government’s workforce.
  • The use of contractors to bypass the hiring freeze is forbidden.

Mexico City Policy

  • This memorandum changes an Obama policy regarding international population planning.
  • It prohibits taxpayer funding of forced abortions and involuntary sterilization by agencies and programs overseas.
  • More information about the history and ramifications of the Mexico City policy can be found on Breitbart’s article here.