Palmieri proves how the DNC still refuses to get it — The Beltway Times


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Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election was a testament to how ignorant the mainstream was, and is.  Judging by the outburst from Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri during a roundtable discussion at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government earlier this week, it’s clear that Democrats have chosen to “hold the line” in the wake of their embarrassing defeat.

When the subject of Steve Bannon came up, Palmieri pulled out the trusty race card and claimed she would have preferred to lose the race than to win it by appealing to white supremacists.  Not surprisingly, and as is always the case when it comes to progressives making white supremacy allegations, she failed to note that her candidate would not have a “-D” after her name if not for her party’s deep history of fostering white supremacy, turning it into political action, and harnessing that action to gain influence and power.

Democrats, though they’ve decided to stop wearing white hoods, harness that same power over minorities today.  While the outcomes of Democratic governance over minority communities remains tangible (and pitiful), their allegations of “white supremacy” and the supposed racism engrained in the Trump campaign proves that Democrats are by no means ready to drop their habit of pushing mythologies upon the public in the hope of swinging a few votes their way during election years.

And why would they be ready?  This tactic has worked wonders for the DNC for two centuries– why stop now when they’re at their most desperate and vulnerable?