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Our nation’s history is filled with moments that have challenged the fortitude of its people, but we have always prospered in the face of adversity. Those moments led us to the freedoms that we celebrate today. Our generation’s moment began with Trump’s victory, so one group plans to celebrate with marches across the country to support him.

March4Trump will gather thousands of people across the country to support our President on March 4, 2017.  The main march will take place in Washington D.C. at the Washington Monument, then proceed to the White House. An idea that started as a simple gesture of support for President Trump has now grown into a nationwide movement.

I spoke with Air Force Veteran Vince Haney, who is the organizer behind the March4Trump rallies. He told me that the idea behind the event came after the inauguration.  “I saw what took place during the inauguration and the protests, it is discouraging. I wanted to do something with a positive presence in light of the current environment. ”  When speaking about the aftermath of recent protests and marches in Washington D.C.  Haney said his march plans to “leave D.C. in a better place than they found it.”

Following the Women’s March on January 21, 2017 the city of D.C. was littered with trash.  Haney says his marchers will show respect for the city.  He encourages all participants to clean up the city as they proceed.

Haney told the Beltway Times that he was pleased with the enthusiasm about the marches. In recent days, social media erupted with similar marches scheduled around the country.  The idea caught on with Conservative groups, which led to more people making a commitment to joining a march supporting the president. Debbie Dooley, Co-Founder of the national Tea Party movement latched onto the idea as well.  Her group is helping organize rallies in states across America as well. Haney said these events are like “the brushfires of freedom” Samuel Adams referred to.

In light of violent protests in response to President Trump, I asked Haney if his group had received any threats.  Haney responded “that is something that is always in the back of your mind.  I have confidence in the DC Metro police and Park Police providing security for participants.”  Although his group has not received any information regarding any specific threats to the events, Haney says he looks forward to working with law enforcement officials as the event nears.  “If citizens can’t congregate on the National Mall without violence, that is indicative  of a much larger problem in our country” Haney added.

Benjamin Franklin once said

Without Freedom of Thought there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as Public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech.

The freedom of speech is a crucial building block in the foundation of democracy.  Efforts like those of Vince Haney and others are a burning example of America’s strong will.  The voices that cried out for a new democracy by electing Donald Trump president are now screaming out once again.  They will have their voices heard once again, but it will be in a peaceful message that will be echoed across the country.

To find out more about the events and how to get involved visit March4Trump.com.