Kaepernick Praises Fidel Castro's Contribution to Education Before Losing Another Football Game — The Beltway Times


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Colin Kaepernick, the embattled starting quarterback for the 1-11 San Francisco 49ers, chose an unfortunate time to express his appreciation for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Two days before Castro died and the atrocities committed by his regime were relived by the American public.

In an interview with Miami reporters on Wednesday, Kaepernick defended his choice to wear a Fidel Castro/Malcom X t-shirt the week before and praised Castro for investing in Cuba’s education system.

“One thing Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system, which we do not do here even though we’re fully capable of doing that,” Kaepernick stated.

Never mind that both of those statements are patently false.

While the United States does spend $80 billion a year on the federal prison system, it also spends $620 billion a year on elementary and high school education.

Meanwhile, Cuba is not ranked in the top 60 in The US News and World Report’s vaunted list of top countries for education.

Cuba is also unranked in the top 60 in literacy rate in a CCSU study dedicated to determining the world’s most literate nations.

We’d like to tell Mr. Kaepernick to avoid the political bloviating and stick to playing football, but he doesn’t seem to have a high rate of success at that either.

Castro’s passing has been marked by celebration in various communities across the globe, most markedly so, perhaps, in the Cuban-American neighborhoods of Little Havana, Miami. Castro’s death has also re-committed to American memory the many tragedies he was responsible for throughout his bloody reign atop a Cuban “socialist” dictatorship.

One example of the lack of political freedom Cubans faced was highlighted by the Cuban Archive, which has documented at least 3,615 firing squad executions performed by the Castro regime from the time that Fidel Castro rose to power on January 1, 1959.