Jill Stein raises $4.8 million for voting recount — The Beltway Times


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According to her recent press release, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has raised nearly $4.8 million to assist voting recount efforts in three key battleground states. These efforts are aimed at pressing for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, where Trump’s combined lead fell below 50,000 votes.

Stein’s press release does not indicate which persons or organizations have contributed to this fund, which has already surpassed the $3.5 million the Green Party candidate was able to raise for her presidential campaign by a hefty $1.3 million.

During the general election process, Stein was highly critical of both the Democratic National Committee and Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, often taking to Twitter to express her displeasure with Clinton’s candidacy:

Similar to the 2000 Presidential Election, where Democratic candidate Al Gore was defeated by Republican candidate George W. Bush in the Electoral College but won the popular vote, Hillary Clinton’s popular vote total is reported to be tallied close to 2 million votes above that of President-elect Trump.

After the primary season closed with the RNC convention, Trump spent little time campaigning in the Democratic strongholds of New York and California, instead focusing on key battleground states needed to win the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency.

Though campaigning in those population-dense regions would have helped boost his popular vote total, his campaign chose to make the rust belt states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio — where Stein is planning to question voting results — the chief areas of focus for his campaign rallies.

Speculation has increased that Hungarian billionaire George Soros, who revealed himself in a 60 Minutes interview as a political activist, unabashed currency manipulator, Nazi party collaborator, and destroyer of world economies, has been behind the recount contributions to the Green Party on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Though this claim is not yet substantiated, it should be noted that Soros contributed at least $27 million directly and indirectly to funding the Democratic nominee and her associated causes.

Stein’s website provided the following justification for the recount effort: “After a divisive and painful presidential race, in which foreign agents hacked into party databases, private email servers, and voter databases in certain states, many Americans are wondering if our election results are reliable.”

It is not confirmed whether Stein’s campaign has filed the necessary paperwork for a recount in the state of Wisconsin as of Friday at 4pm, where the deadline is 5pm. The deadlines to request a vote recount in Michigan and Pennsylvania will come into effect next week.