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BLUF: NATO Chief Auditor Yves Chandelon was found dead in an apparent suicide under suspicious circumstances.   Chandelon used an unregistered gun despite owning three registered weapons. He used his right hand to fire the unregistered weapon, even though he was left-handed. Chandelon’s family contests the verdict that his death was a suicide.  They state that he told them he was receiving strange phone calls, and that he thought he was being followed.  They also revealed that he was a happy person who had made several plans for the New Year.


Yves Chandelon, a Chief Auditor at NATO, was found dead in the city of Andenne in the Belgian Ardennes on December 16, 2016.  His death appears to have been first reported by French newspaper LaMeuse on December 20, 2016.  It was picked up the next day by Luxembourgian paper Tageblatt.

On December 22nd, Russian publication Pravda ran the story in English, reporting that Chandelon’s body was detected 140km (87 miles) away from his work, and 100km (62 miles) away from his home in the city of Lens.  The article stated that he owned three registered weapons, and that the gun used in the suicide was not registered.  It also noted that he had been receiving strange phone calls.  The same day, LaMeuse carried two reports with additional facts about Chandelon’s death. The first stated that a “farewell letter” was found in Chandelon’s car. The second stated that the gun used in the apparent suicide was found in his right hand, despite the fact that Chandelon was left-handed.

Also emerging on December 22nd was a report by Flemish newspaper De Morgen. De Morgen wrote that the family of Chandelon contested the verdict of a suicide. The family said that Chandelon had told them he felt he was being followed, and that he was receiving strange phone calls prior to his death.  The family stated that he was a happy individual and had made several plans for the New Year.