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One of the most contentious debates during this past election cycle was whether or not US citizens should have the right to bear arms, or as the mainstream media insidiously refers to it, “gun control.” Though gun control purports to be the government intervening to protect us from ourselves, the Second Amendment of the Constitution was ironically crafted to protect us from a tyrannical government.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

My issue with their decision to use this label is that the debate actually goes much deeper than simply whether or not we should have the right to purchase a weapon. The Second Amendment is primarily concerned with preserving the security of a “free state” — giving the citizens the right to protect their basic freedoms if their own government should ever try to take them away.

The Second Amendment was added to the constitution by men who considered the importance of letting the American people defend their right to freedom by physical force, if necessary. These were highly intelligent men who were doing everything in their power to make sure the United States of America did not become another oligarchy state ruled by one set of ideologies determined by an all-powerful regime. The Second Amendment, in many ways, is the Achilles heel of democracy. Should it be abolished, we will be at the complete mercy of our elected officials. Let that thought sink in for a moment — and Rome will have fallen again.

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The 2nd Amendment. National Firearms Museum / CC BY

Arguments supporting the abolition of the Second Amendment frequently repeat the statistic that the US has the second highest rate of gun deaths among industrialized nations. While this figure is nothing to sneeze at, what you often don’t hear mentioned is how every year guns are used eighty times more often to defend a life than take one.

While the news sensationalizes stories of lone gunmen showering crowds of innocent people with bullets, the truth is that around one out of every eighty-two gun related deaths is a homicide.

Would the war drums beat so strongly for a ban on gun control if the media spent more time covering stories in which the shooter would have been the victim had their right to bear arms been taken away? Would people be rallying to take away someone’s only line of defense against rape? Would people be rallying to take away someone’s only line of defense against a robber? I’m not so sure they would be.

History has shown that one of the last rights to be taken away from a free population before it becomes prisoner to its own government is the right to bear arms. Many historians feel the Jewish population of Nazi Germany would have been able to successfully resist the Nazis had their weapons not been seized.

This isn’t to say the United States of America is headed in a similar direction as Nazi Germany, but over the past decade alone the veil of freedom in this country has begun to slip with the implementation of the Patriot Act and the TSA wiretapping leaks just to name a few of many freedoms we have abandoned in the name of preserving “Democracy.” The ultimate irony being that Democracy will have ultimately been abandoned for the sake of its own preservation.

The failed war on drugs brings to mind many similarities with the proposed “war on guns” plan to implement gun control legislation. Outlawing and criminalizing illicit drugs has certainly not eradicated the problem; in fact, it has made the problem worse than it was before. The human will is strong whether it’s being used for good or evil and if a person wants something badly enough, be it a gun or a heroin injection, they will absolutely find it. That’s the American dream after all, isn’t it?

It is my contention that implementing gun-control legislation would categorically not end gun violence in America. Furthermore, thousands upon thousands of lives that are spared every year when a gun is used for self-defense will suddenly be at risk. Nations with strict gun control laws generally have substantially higher murder rates than those who do not, according to the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.

It is also my contention that implementing gun-control legislation will dramatically change the political climate of our country. The Second Amendment was called for in order to preserve the security of freedom for US citizens. Demanding the government repeal the Second Amendment spits in the face of the men who fought to make this country the beacon of liberty and justice that it once used to be.

Why is the media so hell-bent on painting a picture of the world that only represents about one percent of the truth? Perhaps there is another agenda at play and if that is the case, then the Second Amendment is more important to the American people now than it ever has been before.