Exclusive: Madonna Successfully Argued in 1996 to Imprison Homeless, Mentally-Ill Man Who Threatened Her — The Beltway Times


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It turns out that even Madonna agrees that Madonna should be locked up for claiming she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” in a impassioned threat against President Trump (one she now maintains has been taken out of context).

An exclusive investigation by The Beltway Times reveals a long-forgotten story detailing Madonna’s efforts to imprison a mentally-ill, homeless man who she claimed threatened her life.

In 1996, a homeless man named Robert Hoskins was imprisoned after being found guilty of stalking and terrorizing Madonna. His defense argued that Hoskins suffered from severe mental illness and that a lighter sentence of 5 to 6 years was beyond justified.

Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Connor disagreed, noting that Hoskins’ mental illness made him an even greater threat to society. She sentenced Hoskins to 10 years behind bars.

While Hoskins’ attorney, John Myers, argued that Hoskins’ “sentence should be based on what actually happened, not what could have happened”,  Madonna made it clear to her legal team that she held no sympathy for the troubled man.

Madonna’s attorney, Nicholas DeWitt, attended the sentencing of the homeless man. He was quoted as saying that Madonna wanted the court to send a message that “society will not tolerate these types of threats that Madonna and her employees have received.”

One could only wonder if she intends to send that same message in light of recent events at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

Perhaps we should not assume that the Material Girl knows what a metaphor is, after all.