Plot to Gas Inauguration Ball Thwarted — The Beltway Times


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The plot by members of #DisruptJ20 to inject butyric acid into the National Press Club building ventilation system during an upcoming Washington D.C. inauguration ball was thwarted by famous “guerilla journalist” James O’Keefe.

Their plans to disrupt the Deploraball were discussed in detail in O’Keefe’s new Project Veritas undercover video.  Members of #DisruptJ20 were caught on camera discussing detailed plans of how to deploy the acid to cause an evacuation during the event. They also made contingency plans for setting off the sprinkler system if the plan to inject acid into the ventilation system failed. Fortunately for Deploraball attendees, O’Keefe had an undercover agent wearing a hidden camera working within the #DisruptJ20 organization.

A representative of The D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition, Luke Kuhn, stated in the video that he will find police officer’s homes and burn them down if they try to stop the group’s plans to disrupt Inauguration Day. He and another member of the group, Scott Green, scouted the National Press Club building. They determined that the plan to deploy acid into the ventilation system was feasible.

Several groups have gathered under they #DisruptJ20 banner. They include Progress Unity Fund, Worker’s World Party, Americans Take Action, and Answer Coalition.

Donations to Project Veritas can be made here.