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The Deploraball, which was held at the National Press Building in Washington D.C. on January 19th, was a celebration of the election victory and impending Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. I was fortunate enough to attend.

For hours, Trump supporters from across the nation reminisced about the historical campaign ran by President Trump.  They traded stories with one another of how they attended rallies, campaigned, phone banked, and went door-to-door as a part of the grassroots effort.  Attendees shared pictures of the Trump gear they collected over the last 18 months, and each fondly recalled how the experience enabled them to build new friendships along the way. They danced, clinked their glasses from the open bar, and ate from a yuuuuge spread of hors d’ouvres. Notable guests included author Mike Cernovich, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, Sheriff David Clarke, YourVoice host Bill Mitchell, technology entrepreneur Peter Thiel, and pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli.

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, some weren’t keen on allowing Trump supporters to have an entire night of fun all to themselves. Protesters gathered outside of the National Press Building to rile up and threaten Trump supporters arriving for the Ball, myself included. While waiting on a friend, I witnessed protesters- obscured by bandannas and Guy Fawkes masks- shoving and threatening police officers who in turn called for riot police as back up.

After President Trump’s victory we were reminded, by media outlets and politician alike, that our country has always prided itself on its ability to practice a “peaceful transition of power” to the newly-elected President and their cabinet.

It is clear that the protesters, hypocritically, only believe in peacefulness when it benefits their political goals.