Why Did Obama Pardon The Manning Formerly Known As Bradley? — The Beltway Times


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Chelsea Manning was set free today. Yes, President-deselect did this.

The Manning formerly known as Bradley swore an oath to protect classified information, and committed the biggest breach of classified material in U.S. history — 700,000 documents that ultimately led to the death of intelligence sources and their families and helped spur on the “Arab Spring” (see: Arab Winter) that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions. Was given a 35-year prison sentence for committing treason. Now freed.

Wikileaks is considered evil when they publish hacked political documents from the DNC that expose corruption. Got it.

But when Wikileaks publishes highly-classified national security secrets leaked by an Army private who committed treason, and broke every oath (s)he swore to uphold, six years later, let’s just forget it ever happened.

Julian Assange is not an American citizen. He is not bound by U.S. laws. He did not swear an oath when he joined the military. He did not swear an oath to uphold and protect classified national security information.

Chelsea Manning is and did all of those things.

And I thought it was bad when Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, who was 5th on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.