With 44 Days Left Before His Inauguration, Trump Job Count Reaches 51k — The Beltway Times


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Trump Tower has quickly become a flurry of both activity and security, the latter of which recently prompted New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio to forward a $35 million bill to the White House in an effort to recoup the costs of the NYPD’s around-the-clock protection of the famous 5th Avenue building.

Since election night, the landmark skyscraper built by Donald Trump in 1983 has grown into an epicenter of political rendezvous and business deal-making. The non-stop influx of new visitors to the 20th floor (and above) to meet with the president-elect has turned mainstream media reporters into gawking paparazzi bloodhounds, desperate to catch a photo or quote from someone on the daily list of invitees Trump officials provide them in the morning.

Today was no different than recent days past. Another visitor arrives, another deal is made. Unlike the Carrier deal, which was a negotiation predicated on Indiana state tax relief being provided to the company in return for 1,000 Americans being able to keep their existing jobs, the deal today involved Japanese telecommunications firm SoftBank agreeing to infuse a whopping $50 billion into the US economy through the creation of over 50,000 jobs.

Trump announced the deal, as he is often prone to do, on social media platform Twitter.

After the conversation with the president-elect ended, Son spoke briefly to the press with Trump at his side. “I just came to celebrate his new job,” Son said. “I said, ‘This is great, the U.S. will become great again.'”

As Donald Trump continues to praise business leaders and companies who are proactively joining in discussions with him before taking office, will more leaders come forward to publicly show their support and hope that helps translate into profit for their companies?

One thing is for sure, as Milwaukee-based manufacturer Rexnord learned earlier this week, whether it’s immediately better for business or not, the long term outcome of going against Trump’s “America First” job policy will likely end up much less satisfying.

It’s difficult to argue with Trumps’ “carrot and stick” Twitter negotiating tactic and the results it has produced thus far.

Which will be the next company to make a bilateral deal with the man who authored the book on how to do it?