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President-elect Trump’s Twitter Storm this morning punched back at the opposition on several topics including the media’s criticism of his nominees, recent allegations against him, intelligence community leaks, and Hillary Clinton.

The media has been critical that some of the nominees do not share the same viewpoints as the President-elect, so he praised them for having their own ideas.

He addressed the allegations against him, which were put together by his political opponents on both sides of the aisle and a “failed spy.”

The allegations were baseless and false, so it is another example of fake news.

Trump believes that the documents were leaked by someone in an intelligence agency. As he said in his press conference on Wednesday, there will be a full report on hacking within 90 days of his inauguration.

Hillary blames her loss on the F.B.I. for reopening the investigation into her emails after discoveries on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

He took another shot at Hillary by stating that she was unfit to run for President. Her loss can be attributed to her campaign’s lack of strategy, not the F.B.I. investigation.