Trump and Trudeau Create New Opportunities for Female Entrepreneurs — The Beltway Times


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President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formalized the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders today, which will lead to new opportunities for women in business. This effort will prioritize support for female entrepreneurs. Ivanka Trump arranged a roundtable meeting with the president, Trudeau, and several businesswomen to discuss women’s economic participation in the business community.

Trump and Trudeau also held a joint press conference discussing NAFTA, fighting opioid traffic, and immigration concerns. When President Trump was asked by a reporter about the most important problems facing the United States, he responded that citizens have “no idea how bad or serious,” our problems are with North Korea and the Middle East. He said that we must take a “stance of common sense,” regarding immigration by only permitting those who love America to live here.

Trump also said that NAFTA will be tweaked to benefit both the United States and Canada. He described the relationship between the two countries as “outstanding,” and that the trade situation with Canada was not as severe as it is with Mexico. He promised that the deal between the U.S. and Mexico will be fair. He stated that it is very important to him that everyone is happy with the final trade agreement.

Regarding Canadian immigration, Trudeau stated that they will maintain a safe society while maintaining security. Canada has opened their country to more than 40,000 Syrian refugees. This has caused an outcry from both cities and citizens in Canada. CTV News in Canada has reported that many cities are requesting a temporary halt to the number of refugees because the volume is taxing the housing and social support system. Edmonton police recently arrested a Syrian refugee for assaulting six girls under the age of 16 at a water park. CBC News reported that the assaults prompted calls from citizens to end the refugee program.

Trudeau described the meeting between himself and President Trump as “fruitful,” and hopes to continue the friendly relationship while creating good jobs for the citizens of both countries.