Trump Established CNN Is Fake News, but What Else Did He Say? — The Beltway Times


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Yesterday’s headlines were dominated by Trump refusing to take a question from a CNN reporter. The contents of the press conference were eclipsed by drama, so here are ten fast facts about what Trump plans to do immediately after his inauguration.

  • There will be more big announcements about manufacturing jobs within the next two weeks.
  • Reforms are necessary in the drug industry because they are not manufacturing drugs in the U.S.
  • The newly appointed secretary of the Veteran’s Adminisration, David Shulkin, will place a priority on improving health care for veterans.
  • There are plans to increase cyber defense to prevent the hacking of sensitive information.
  • Trump’s sons, Don and Eric, will take control of the Trump Organization. President Trump will not be involved in the business.
  • No new foreign deals will be made by the Trump Organization.
  • The new cabinet will work toward making better trade deals for the U.S.
  • The funding for the border wall will initially be obtained through Congress, then Mexico will reimburse the U.S. through taxes or a direct payment.
  • A Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Scalia will be made within the first two weeks.
  • The intelligence communities will be given 90 days to submit a report on hacking defense.


A full transcript from The New York Times can be found here.