The Trump Doctrine: Fixing America From Within — The Beltway Times


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America is a country in crisis.  Today, we have a parasitic health care system that is draining the finances from hard working families.  Workers have seen their jobs ripped from beneath their feet.  Honorable men and women of our military are thrown into the pit of corruption and bureaucracy of the Veterans Affairs system.  Terror threats now reach the very soul of America’s heartlands and a broken immigration system leaves our country vulnerable to more attacks.

But, these problems did not magically appear from thin air.  These issues are a culmination of years of neglect from our government leaders.  They have allowed the problems to weave themselves into the fabric of daily life in America.  People became accustomed to politicians promising to fix issues only to become part of the problem rather than the solution.

Our inner cities are an example of this sort of national neglect in a microcosm.

Detroit has not elected a Republican mayor since 1957. The institutionalized crime quandary in Detroit has caused it to be considered one of the United States’ most dangerous cities and helped it devolve from a former industrial powerhouse to a veritable ghost town.

Chicago’s last Republican mayor was elected in 1927. The murder rate from inner city violence occurring in America’s third-largest metropolitan area has caused President Trump  to threaten to send in “the feds”.

Saint Louis has elected Democratic mayors since 1949. Baltimore and Oakland have not had a Republican mayor since 1960s. Philadelphia? 1952.

The common theme among these cities is the poverty and danger each of them suffer from.

The American people became angry at the absence of a genuine leader.  They demanded someone that would devote real time and energy into solutions. That person emerged in 2016 and was able to capture the American spirit like no other.  Donald J. Trump promised the American people he would fix the ailments crippling America.

We stand to witness a president who appears poised to involve himself more in the ubiquitous problems we are facing in our metropolitan areas and one who has promised to help rebuild our inner cities.

Today, President Trump is doing just what he was asked to do – fix it!