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President Trump delivered his most powerful speech to date in a joint session of Congress Tuesday night. The speech laid out the President’s agenda designed to tackle the problematic issues that have been allowed to fester throughout previous administrations. President Trump seized the opportunity to outline his expectations from legislatures and called upon them to join forces in solving the problems facing our country.

The speech began by condemning the recent vandalism that occurred at Jewish cemeteries and the killings in Kansas. President Trump described a nation that is united in “condemning hate and evil in all of its very evil forms.” He reminded America that it is not bound by its past but emboldened by its future. As America approaches its 250th year of independence, President Trump called upon lawmakers to stand beside him in ensuring America remains a beacon of opportunity for all Americans.

He wasted little time outlining the accomplishments from his first two months in the White House. The President boasted of his achievements in securing thousands of American jobs and investments from companies like Ford, Sprint and Carrier. He recalled the record gains in the stock market since his election in November – the Dow surpassing the 20,000 mark just weeks ago. He received a grumble from Democrats as he pledged to continue to drain the swamp, reminding lawmakers of his imposed ban on lobbying from his administration officials.

However, the address was without a doubt focused around one key theme – America First – a philosophy that the President has made central to his administration’s agenda. Trump contends that without a renewed focus on America, achieving our goal of Making America Great Again is becomes impossible.

President Trump vowed that his administration would do everything it could to ensure the safety of American citizens. He again called for the immediate construction of a wall on our southern border– what Trump sees as key to securing our safety and to helping eradicate the influx of drugs and trafficked humans into the United States.

The Democrats rumbled as President Trump announced an office that would serve American victims of illegal aliens – known as Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE). The President acknowledged the need to enforce existing immigration laws and called out lawmakers who disagreed with this policy. He asked them a simple question: “What would you say to the American family who lost their job, their income, or loved ones because America refused to uphold its laws and defend its borders?”.

This was not the first time he put lawmakers on the spot, though he extended his hand by calling for unity in finding solutions to America’s problems. Several times he pointed directly at Democrats as he described the divisiveness that was hindering progress in American policy. A signal to Democrats to end the partisan bickering that has infuriated voters and finally start working with his administration to find real solutions to complex issues.

President Trump received an arousing roar from Republicans as he called for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. He promised the American people that his goal would be to ensure those with preexisting conditions remained covered under his plan. The President called for a smooth transition as his administration seeks to replace the failing healthcare program. Trump called for reforming the FDA to allow potential life saving drugs an opportunity to reach those who may need them faster.

But perhaps the most memorable moment of President Trump’s speech came when he recognized Carryn Owens, the widow of Navy Seal William Ryan Owens, who died in a raid in Yemen shortly after Trump took office. Tears streamed down her face as President Trump thanked and reminded her that Owens’ “legacy is etched into eternity”. As lawmakers stood in honor along with the President, he assured the nation that Owens’ role in the raid had helped secure intelligence information that would lead to the success of our military in combating terror in the future.

The speech contained a lot of emotion and offered a heartfelt delivery from a President who vowed to keep his promises to the American people. It would be difficult to find fault in his first appearance before both houses of Congress. President Trump was able to transcend his message beyond the halls of Congress and into the living rooms of the millions watching across America.

The message was filled with a new vision for America, one that challenged its people to once again think big and to set their dreams free. The President envisioned a country where America is flourishing with new jobs, new opportunities in our inner cities, education for those who seek it, and streets that are safe for all families.

In closing, the President reminded us all that we can only achieve these goals by working together as one and to seize the moment to believe in ourselves once more, but ultimately to believe in America once again. The President has placed a burden on Congress to see that his policies are enacted and he called upon the vigilance of the American people to see the fight through to the end.

Watch the entire speech here.