'Nasty Women' Become Trashy Women — The Beltway Times


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Today, a reported 500,000 women flocked to Washington D.C. while others showed up in different cities to showcase their contempt for the newly-elected President Donald Trump.

The diverse coalition of female protestors aimed to draw attention to variety of liberal political priorities. The majority protested in support of reproductive rights while others aimed their sights on equal pay. Some chose to promote a message of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

One thing it wasn’t focused on, however, was the protection of the environment. Upon completion of the march, signs and trash were littered throughout the city; feminine hygiene products were even stuck on walls. Considering young women in less fortunate areas of the world are sometimes forced to miss school due to sparse access to such items, one could argue that donating feminine hygiene products to an international charitable organization would have been more purposeful.

Photo by Kayleigh McEnany, via Twitter.

Instead, the protesters chose to confirm that the gathering in D.C. was not representative of “nasty women” — a tongue-in-cheek play on a characterization of Hillary Clinton made by Trump during the final debate — but rather, trashy women.