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Scott Adams is a dangerous man. I will explain how I took a punch for him, but first I need to tell you why it was worth it and why I’d do it again.

Legions of us read Scott’s tweets and blog, but something special happens when we watch his Periscopes. We notice that he possesses abilities that we want for ourselves. We know that those abilities might change our own circumstances if we pay attention. He has a unique take on the world that leaves us with a nagging feeling that there are more things in life that we have not been told.

You might have learned a great deal about persuasion from his social media, but to put it into practice you must read “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.” The book will provide you with the foundations of how to similarly process information. It gives you the building blocks to get your life together and present the best version of yourself to the world. Those must be in place before you can fully join the club and use the powers of persuasion in your life too.

Buy the book now because what he is saying will make more sense!

How did this entrepreneur, co-founder of, author, blogger, creator of Dilbert, hypnotist and master persuader lead me into taking a punch?

He persuaded me in a YouTube video that Donald Trump is a “Master Wizard,” which set me on a path to the ill-fated Chicago Trump riot. I wanted to see Trump’s persuasion techniques for myself. After waiting for twelve hours to get a front row spot, the event was cancelled. On my way to my car, I was sucker punched in the back by a protester, so I blame Scott Adams.

You should eagerly anticipate his forthcoming book about the 2016 election because he has a smoking hot girlfriend.