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Normalization.  This has become the new favorite word of the liberal elite and intelligentsia, and their rallying cry is that they will strive tirelessly to prevent Trump and his ideas from becoming accepted as such.

The ironic thing is that they fail to realize how the Trump Revolution was driven by regular people wanting to reclaim the normalcy we always had and which has only recently been subverted.

America is a decent country and has largely been a wholesome country.  We value families, communities, and our faith.  We celebrate the simple joys of a man and woman finding one another, and through hard work and mutual effort, serving as the foundation of our families.  This is still true in 2017 as much as it was in 1817, and large swaths of our nation celebrate this as the achievable norm.

How could “Make America Great Again” be seen as anything other than a call for returning to normalcy?  People understood how it meant returning to a time when hard work could lead to the promise of a better economic future, where our values and our culture of responsibility, reason, and liberty would be preserved, and not one where America was the source of the world’s problems.

Trump understood that.  His voters understand this.  The left has no clue.

I respect tolerance as it is a hallmark of our nation, a mature democracy, and allows people with sometimes widely divergent views to live peaceably.  But such provision has never been and should not be absolute.

The war against political correctness outlines the scope of these battles.  We tire of being told how we must accept ideas that go beyond reason into unseen realms of social engineering.  I could list out a hundred ideas the left has spawned which have no connection to reality for the vast majority of Americans, but rather than arguing each, I’ll simply say they are all celebrations of the abnormal.

What the left calls the coalition of the ascendant has ever been the coalition of the disaffected.  These are the people who chose not to be a part of America.  There was a time, yes, when people were wrongly excluded from participation for superficial reasons, but that time has long passed.  The America of opportunity has been open to any who work, respect others, and want to lend a hand in living the old fashioned dream.

We did it.  We wanted it more.  We got out there, and we took our country back.  We took back normal from the people who wanted to call up down and call girl boys.  Trump never had to normalize what he was arguing because it was what we believed all along. And while America should respect the rights of its minority, it should represent the views and dreams of its majority.

Be aware, too, that in the battle for normalcy, we will forever be an enemy in the eyes of the progressive left.  The politics of resentment requires a perpetual enemy, and in finding satisfaction and prosperity, the disaffected left will have reason to hate us all the more.  Marches will continue, protests will grow in frequency and size, and you will personally be blamed as the deplorable source of every problem in America.  If you happen to be a minority, the bile slung at you will be even more vicious due to your alleged betrayal.

This is the price of victory but my hope is that in time, people will see that prosperity is actually a matter of choice.  For far too long, we’ve had people running this country who believe that the government represents the best shot we have at the successful management of our lives.  With President Trump, we finally have someone who respects our will to run our own lives, and with that, the pursuit for happiness begins anew for all who choose it.

America is finally returning to normal.

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