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The year was 1991.  The Soviet Union was falling due to its inability to meet the economic desires of its own people, as the allures of Glasnost proved too compelling for the Communist Party to successfully manage.  After Germany fell, the rest of Europe tumbled away from Moscow one republic after the other as people sought their own freedom to live as they chose.  The Red Menace was everything and then it was gone.

Germany was reunited.  The Warsaw Pact disbanded.  Russia did all of this peacefully, accepting American and British promises for a peaceful Europe and presuming the end of NATO as an organization hostile to Russia.  Then President Yeltsin reached out to the west with the idea that his nation would once again be part of Europe instead of a pariah.

But that’s where the story diverges.  Where Poland, the Baltic States, and others were brought into the fold, included into an expanded west, the Russian people themselves were cast asunder.  The geniuses at the IMF, the same class of people who sponsor the bailouts we remember from 2008 that funnel tax money to the guilty while the poor get screwed, went into the heart of the old evil empire and plundered it like conquerors.

Read the stories of families who literally lived on potatoes and vodka.  Read about women who sold themselves to men in order to sustain their families.  You could even learn how public enemy number one, George Soros, took advantage of a defeated Russian public to turn an unstable situation into profit.  A few oligarchs got rich, but for the average Russian, what did this free world offer?

Enter Putin.  Unwilling to play clown to the west any longer, he rebuilt the Russian military and stood strong for his country unlike Yeltsin.  He fought the terrorists of Chechnya who espouse the same radical Islamist beliefs that plague our own societies.  He defended the resurrection of the Eastern Orthodox faith, long suppressed by the Communists, as a way for the Russian people to reconnect.  He made Russia mean something again to its people.

He wasn’t going to see his country bullied any more by foreign powers.  He didn’t want hostile powers toppling regimes along their border, like the color revolutions of Ukraine and Georgia.  He didn’t want NATO rearmament to encircle Russia.  He demanded respect and the sovereign path for the Russian people.

The press has chosen to paint Russia as the ultimate bad guy.  I can imagine several overlapping reasons for their position.  It absolves their beloved Hillary from being accountable for running a campaign detached from the people she claimed to want to represent.  It means they don’t have to look inward when Ivan is the perfect bogeyman.

I believe there is more to it than that.  They fear Russia because it is strong, nationalist, and unapologetic for its values.  They resent Russians because they rejected communism, the end goal of every liberal, and exposed how the state can never be the solution to all man’s needs.  And now, they oppose Russia not because they care about Crimea, but because they fear what America and Russia might accomplish allied by the shared value of fighting radical Islam.

If America and Russia ally based on common cause and principle, the globalists will have their worst fears realized.  The nation state can return, by and for the people as opposed to the elites.  By the voters instead of powerful institutions.  Then we might just find peace.

The media has been wrong about everything else to this point.  Why should Trump listen now?  If Putin is willing to make the right deal, America stands to benefit from it.

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