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The 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has just wrapped up his third week in the White House. Regardless of which side of the aisle you hail from, we can all agree on one thing: quite a bit has happened in the last three weeks.

It seems that as each day passes, the left and right grow further apart. America’s divisiveness seems to be peaking at an all-time high. While it’s important to remember that this is a division that took root long before the inauguration of our current commander-in-chief, it still brings me great sadness.

I have seen friendships broken, buildings destroyed, citizens assaulted, and reputations besmirched — and all for what? Why is it that each new day brings more rage? I have seen Americans, many of whom I previously considered to be upstanding, tolerant American citizens —  throw morality to the wayside in a multitude of obscene “my way or the highway” themed arguments.

The debate has become less about people standing up for what they believe in and more of a “if you’re not one of us, I disagree with you vehemently” shout-down. The world has become dichotomously black and white, with no room for civil debate and exchange of ideas.

A frenzy of inauspicious accusations by the Democratic Party leads me to believe that caution has seemingly been thrown to the wind. Just when you think they have exhausted all of their options in the hopes of slowing down Trump’s administration, they have resorted to the belief that they can predict the future.

That’s right. They’ve pulled out their crystal balls and pounded fear into their voter-base with a multitude of  hypothetical prognostications designed to instill terror.

Madeline Albright claimed President Trump will make all Muslims enter their names into a “Muslim registry” just like Nazi Germany did for Jews. Elizabeth Warren claimed Trump will tear down the LGBT community and strip them of their rights. The mainstream media paints Trump as a dictator looking to sidle up with Vladimir Putin in an effort to exterminate all contrarian journalists from the face of the planet.

These folks work overtime to fire up their grassroots followers with falsehoods about how Trump’s administration is comprised of every “ist” in the book — with a special emphasis on fascism and racism.  Their tall tales don’t need to have any basis in reality to convince protestors to continue to flock together in the streets of our major cities, creating a hostile environment that is becoming more and more impossible for anyone to label  a peaceful movement.

And so the divide thickens.

The Democrats have effectively weaponized fear and anger. I credit them with the fact that, albeit a disgusting mechanism to employ, it is certainly working to some degree. Regardless of what the next claim is, their party-line constituents have begun to hold all Americans to a new, warped standard —  you are either with them, or you are full of hate.

This is their message; a message that has touched progressives on an emotional level. If you’re on their side you are angry because you’ve been led to believe that the other side is filled with hate. If you’re on the other side then you are angry because they’ve accused you of propagating hate. There is no such thing as bipartisan. This is the route they’ve taken. With a Republican-controlled U.S. Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives, they have turned to radicalizing the population with a win-at-all-costs strategy full of labels and devoid of decency.

Earlier this week, Senator Elizabeth Warren referred to another acting senator, Jefferson Sessions, as “a disgrace” during his confirmation hearing. Whether she actually believes that is not the point. Her sole mission is to continue to pour gasoline on the Democrats’ bonfire, a fire fueled solely by the destruction of reputations of good men and women. The Democrats and their willing henchmen, the mainstream media news outlets, have decided that there is no line that can’t be crossed, and they don’t care how much damage is done to our nation in the process.

Twenty-one days into a 1,460-day Trump presidency, it’s incumbent on us, as conservatives, to avoid being baited while the liberal extremists exhaust themselves with their makeshift movements.

Father time is not on their side. In truth, it’s only a matter of time before the prodigal son will have no choice but to come home or face a 4-year depression that no amount of Paxil will cure.