Paul Ryan Tells Illegal Immigrant She Shouldn't Worry About Being Deported This Year — The Beltway Times


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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told an illegal immigrant that she should not worry about being deported this year during a CNN Town Hall on Thursday.

Angelica, a 32 year-old illegal immigrant who resides in Oklahoma, was given the opportunity to question the speaker by CNN moderators. As a illegal immigrant brought to the United States as a minor, Angelica is currently protected under President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The House Speaker said that President-elect Donald Trump wants to focus on deporting violent criminals and securing the border. Ryan followed this up by stating that once both of these objectives are accomplished, “all people in the country will be in a much better position to fix these thornier bigger problems.” Ryan added that “if you’re worried about some deportation force knocking on your door this year, don’t worry about that.”

President-elect Trump has made it clear that he aims to put an end to illegal immigration through a series of border-related initiatives, beginning with the construction of a border wall. Trump buttressed this objective constantly throughout the campaign season.

Paul Ryan’s outspoken opponent from this year’s House primary race didn’t mince words in offering his opinion on Twitter.