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The Orwellian nightmare of private citizen surveillance by government agencies and entities has ironically been confirmed as reality by our sitting president. President Trump sent out a series of tweets Saturday morning implicating the Obama Administration directly in the “wiretapping” of his office in New York City, as well as ensuring the White House was fitted with Nixon-esque bugging. Considering Obama flipping his stance on government whistle-blowers following Edward Snowden’s exposure of the NSA’s compilation of meta-data, the notion that further surveillance measures have been taken in the years since is not out of the realm of possibility.

Going forward with this in mind – how difficult is it to imagine that interference in the elections is also part of our reality? This is not to imply that the “Russians” aided President Trump’s victory, but if you are a bleeding-heart liberal with that narrative in mind, continue reading unless you’d rather add more validity to the argument. The Russian Election-hack is one of the mainstream media’s final breaths into their life-preserver as they ride their wave of destruction. If you replace the words “Russian Hackers” with “US Government Enterprises,” then you find that Trump’s outrage over the tampering of our elections dated back to before he won the office of the presidency. For those asking for evidence, you’re in for a treat called reality.

Naturally, once the media began ranting and raving over the election hacking, President Trump opens the investigation into election-tampering only to find that hundreds of thousands of people voted illegally in states where Clinton won. Media-0, Trump-1. Then, McCarthyism reared its ugly head again once the information regarding General Flynn’s conversations with a Russian Ambassador reached the public from information delivered by an “anonymous” informant within the government. Flynn’s immediate resignation from his position as the National Security Adviser gave the mainstream media ammunition for about a day, but they shot dangerously close to their feet by buying into it too much.

The true intent behind bringing attention to General Flynn’s correspondence with Russian Ambassadors, which ultimately lead to his resignation, was to bring attention to the public concerning surveillance by Deep-State operatives utilizing unconstitutional methods to procure evidence to dismantle the Trump Administration. This incident occurred less than a month-and-a-half ago, but it set the stage for the public to be mindful of the forces at work within our government. These forces could not and would not have been exposed had a politician taken the highest office in the land, which is why Trump’s victory will forever signify the beginnings of the dismantling of these enterprises that very nearly have us all in a state of chaos.

The forces within our government contributing to this systematic blackmailing operation did not expect to go under the public’s microscope the way they have in recent weeks. In the past few weeks, remaining aware and standing firmly in opposition to the tampering of communications within the White House, has been the focus of a large majority of those supportive of the current administration. The ignorance of the mainstream media with regard to this fact has backfired on them tremendously. The most recent bout of Red Scare tactics implemented by the mainstream media, like the Washington Post (which is under contract with the CIA), was a strategy used to force Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself and to also send what should have been the day’s headline to the back pages.

To bring up something as damning as treasonous collusion with foreign governments is a hefty accusation, and one that should not be placed upon anyone without a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence at the very least. The accusations against Sessions comically imploded by showing that he executed the duties of his office as a Senator on the Armed Services Committee, and that he executed them well. So, what was the purpose of bringing this issue to the forefront of our political discussion? It was nothing more than a distraction to divert Americans from what would come next.

So here we are – sitting, waiting and watching to see what the next move against our surveillance state might be. In this era of advanced technology, it appears nothing is sacred. Even our sitting president is being subjected to this type of unethical oversight which proves, once again, he stands firmly on the side of the people of the United States. As someone who has never enjoyed even the slightest hindrance to the job at hand, it is painfully clear that all unethical practices utilized by certain operatives within our government will be eradicated swiftly with all parties involved facing the full wrath of the justice system of United States. That same Department of Justice is led by a man who was ridiculed to the point of some calling for his resignation. By holding these parties responsible, faith in our justice system will be fully restored. If the Obama Administration was responsible for this then the captain must go down with his ship. The “Big Brother” of George Orwell’s 1984 reared its ugly head to the public as early as last year’s election – sixteen years on the other side of the year 2000.