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“Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every other form of freedom.”

—U.S. Supreme Court Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo in Palko v. Connecticut

Visitors to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) website promoting free speech will find former Supreme Court Justice Cardozo’s famous quote at the top of the page. This quote encapsulates the ACLU’s stated stance on freedom of speech and expression.

It’s true that The American Civil Liberties Union once stood as a shining beacon and strident defender of freedom of speech.

It appears, however, that times have changed.

The Event

Yesterday, the ACLU launched its “People Power” project at venues across the United States in a direct movement from protection of rights to promotion of anti-Trump activism. An internal memo shared with The Washington Post documents the ACLU plan to attack the Trump administration “lawfully and systematically”.

Beltway Times senior editor Ginger McQueen attended the ACLU “People Power” event held at the Batavia, Illinois Public Library to report and provide commentary on the ACLU-sponsored grassroots movement to fight the Trump administration.

The Speech

When Ginger stood up to speak in the open forum to voice her opinion, however, her words were not taken well.

The Aftermath

Shortly after Ginger spoke, the local Illinois police arrived on the scene. They had been called by attendees at the ACLU-sponsored event who were horrified to hear Ginger’s opinions did not support an anti-Trump theme.

Though attendees had requested that Ginger be forcibly removed from the public library, the attending police officer was very understanding of her right to free speech in a public venue, and he acted accordingly.

Before her departure from the event, Ginger was able to obtain pictures of the “ACLU People Power” PowerPoint presentation.

Flyers and graphics promoting the event to thwart the sitting United States president were spotted across the country.  The ACLU-sponsored flyers all appear to contain the Soviet-era imagery of an iron fist to represent resistance against the current Presidential administration.

ACLU Town Hall Resistance Training. Photo by FLFF. CC-BY.

1960s Soviet Fist Propaganda. CC-BY.

It’s documented that the ACLU receives funding from many foundations, such as the Carnegie Corporation, the Ford Foundation, and George Soros’ Open Society Institute. As such, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the ACLU is no longer primarily focused on protecting specific cases of individual rights abuse. Rather, the organization is beginning to focus on a much more partisan agenda — one that seeks to directly undermine the presidency of Donald Trump.


Ginger McQueen is the Senior Editor of The Beltway Times and a co-host on Your Voice Radio. Follow her on Twitter @GingerMcQueen.

  • malaka_eneuresis

    Saul Alinsky anybody???

  • SallyForth

    That took true guts, Ginger.

    Calling the cops on you is further evidence that the Left only supports free speech they agree with.

    What a pack of pussies.

  • Felix Rodriguez

    The ACLU is acting in direct opposition of their stated mission as approved by the IRS for non profit status. Tweet, email President Trump and your Congressman to have the ACLU non profit status taken away! In addition, a grand jury investigation for fraud may be necessary!

  • Country Above Self

    “Soros Gave The ACLU $35 Million To Train Anti-Government Protesters,” William Cradick, Need to Know, 3/8/17

  • nm

    Ms. McQueen, shame on you for frightening those poor liberals on the left. You bully you. Why is it that the ACLU and all of these leftist groups are so afraid of Freedom of Speech.

  • Dave Brechtel

    She’s a journalist. She was at the meeting AS A JOURNALIST. How many FOX viewers would have raised hell if a CNN journalist had done something similar at a Trump rally? Clearly, she’s not very professional. I have no objection to her doing this as an individual. But she was a senior editor for the Beltway Times and was covering the event. She instead, made herself the story. Unprofessional.

    • morphd

      Good comment.

      As a centrist I try to see both sides and in this case commend Ms. McQueen for her calm, reasoned speech to the ACLU. I do regret that whoever filmed her (an accomplice presumably?) didn’t provide some footage of the supposed hostile reaction that would add credibility to her side of the story. Without such evidence one could conclude this event was ‘staged’ on her part and meant to be a self-serving publicity stunt – which would be highly unprofessional for a journalist as you say.

      It’s too bad America has become so polarized. Both the Left and the Right have good ideas on how to solve the significant problems we face and the best solutions would likely borrow from both sides but those will never materialize if we only shout past each other in a “win-lose” mindset. In the long run we are weaker when we act this way and should be mistrustful of leaders on either side who gain power by setting us against each other.

      One of the ‘thought leaders’ who has tremendous insight into our current situation is Jonathan Haidt, who claims to have started his academic career as a typical liberal but after years of studying both liberals and conservatives has become a centrist (he doesn’t hesitate to criticize the Left). His book “The Righteous Mind” was an eyeopener for me. Here are links to a couple of his videos FYI

      • BigRedHorseMan

        As a centrist I contend you see nothing but the fence you are sitting on. I appreciate your comments regardless.

  • Joel Alexander

    Good job Ms. McQueen. Those hypocrites need to focus on day-to-day individual civil liberty cases rather than trying to sabotage Washington DC.

  • Peggy Fox

    Unlike Trump, who is funded by Russians..

  • rwg1949yt .

    “Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every other form of freedom.” — actually its the 2nd.

  • Tiger184

    Thank you for daring to step one foot inside that viper’s den!
    ACLU is another group that needs to be cut off from Federal funding.
    Enough of taxpayer dollars being spread on this hatred.

  • william D’ Altruist

    There are liberals and there are leftists just like there are conservatives and alt-righters. Criss hedges would be a good example of a leftist and is on Info Wars with Alex Jones…and they both agree about the almost complete (psychological) denial of what Obama was really up to in his 8 years as President. There isn’t a leftist I know who wouldn’t agree in a matter of fact way with Ginger. There is something quite troubling concerning the liberal movement. Take Rachel Maddow for example. I viewed her show for right at 8 months, and came away with an extreme apprehensive amazement as to how her “out of touch” and proven false ideology can pass the muster and continues to be on the air. For me personally it’s another example just how troubling and incoherent and unreasonable and irrational…are the times we currently live in. It’s dishearteningly astonishing and it looks like it could be Marshall Law or Civil War. And perhaps… much to the corporate globalists (AKA Obama, Hillary, Soros, etc) delight.