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March 4, 2017 under any previous President would have been just another day, but this year it took on a special meaning for many.  Thousands of people gathered for the “March4Trump” and “Spirit of America” rallies with one goal in mind: a show of support for President Trump.  I had the honor of attending one of these events and I have to say it was much more than that.

The two rallies were grassroots efforts that mobilized people from across the country, and their voices rang out from the shadows of the Washington Monument to the sandy beaches of Florida. It carried from the mountain tops of Tennessee to the plains of Texas.  By the time it reached the coast of California, it had become a chorus so loud it may have put another crack in the Liberty Bell.

The events featured several speakers and dignitaries from all walks of life.  In Washington, D.C., singer Joy Villa, who stunned the world in her Make America Great Again gown at the Grammy Awards, was the keynote speaker.  She called for love and unity – a message fitting for a rally helped organized by the GaysForTrump organization.

Nashville, Tennessee played host to The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, who spoke about the barrage of fake news aimed at President Trump and the attacks on our free speech.  In his remarks, he told stories of discrimination and attacks based on people’s conservative views- views that have become increasingly common across America.

Hoft took the opportunity to reveal he would play an instrumental role in organizing the Real News Correspondents Dinner, an alternative to the White House Correspondents Dinner. President Trump announced that he would not be attending this year’s dinner, partly due to the unfair treatment he has received from the mainstream media.

The crowds featured patriotic men and women of all colors and creeds, holding homemade signs, American flags, and Trump banners. They traveled both near and far to participate in the events.  But they all had one thing in common: a love for their President and country.

Our history is composed of millions of tiny moments, each significant in their own way.  Only a few have truly made an impact on the future of this great land. The election of President Trump is one that will be counted among them- it has awoken the American spirit, and has transformed it into the movement we witness today.  People once again feel empowered to stand up against what they view as an irrefutably corrupt system.

If history has taught us anything, it is that those who remain silent often find themselves at the mercy of others.  The events on Saturday showcased a new spirit has taken hold in America. People are no longer willing to sit in silence and they are no longer willing to be held at the mercy of a failed system. President Trump has become a megaphone for their voices and it is a certainty that those voices will be heard.

The message Saturday was clear to those in attendance, but it reminded us the battle is not yet over.  Our President is facing a barrage of attack from the media, Democrats, and even from members of his own party.  These rallies showed to those attempting to undermine our President that we are watching and we are more powerful than ever before.  

We the People” must now become “BE THE PEOPLE”…who hold our elected officials accountable. If we remain silent, we ensure that corruption prevails, greed runs rampant, and that freedoms are lost.