On the Detachment of the American Elite


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Several events throughout the past year have revealed a myriad of uncomfortable truths about our once great nation, and the political elite’s divorce from reality has become one of its most intriguing revelations. Only in the arena of politics does it appear appropriate for the arbiters of truth and government to speak and act in contradictory ways; it is even encouraged. In order to understand where this detachment comes from, we must peer into the darkest recesses of the minds of the elite.

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Despite the rising political sentiment of financial reform in this country, the elite, “ruling” class, if you will, are personified in pop culture and media as the standard bearers for living in America. Our media and advertisements constantly tell us that if we work hard enough, study and make the right connections we can aspire to be a part of the American Elite. Subliminal messages like these instill in us a sense of competition, which is connected to status, greed and power, and we associate these traits with prosperity and happiness. Knowing this, we can gain a better understanding of the types of people that are attracted to the industry of maintaining power over the will of the people.

In order to understand the minds of the elite we have to subtract money from the equation. Why? The majority of people in this class have already earned their fortune, so there is no longer a need for more of it. The needs for this group are power, prestige and a near-constant need to assert their superiority over others– a cocktail of characteristics that leads to utter depravity. To this privileged group human beings ultimately become disposable- the climax to a story of their expendable senses of humanity.

An important characteristic of a narcissist is their inflated sense of entitlement. We can see this woven into the fabric of Hillary Clinton’s “I’m with Her” campaign. Her losing strategy had its very message steeped in entitlement. After all, it was her turn to be president. Let us disregard the numerous FBI investigations, pay-for-play insider deals, shifting “public and private” policy positions and the nefarious activities of the Clinton Cartel Foundation. In their minds, the proverbial “system” exists to serve, so why shouldn’t they seize the opportunity to fulfill their own interests?

This political gluttony is not limited to one side of the spectrum. We can’t have a conversation about elitism until we address the complicity of self-interest from the GOP. We have seen the GOP abandon the republican ideals of small government, strong borders and individual liberty. It’s no coincidence that stalwarts from both parties seemed to mirror each other in their negative sentiments of Donald Trump throughout the election. Now that Trump is regarded as a threat to this operation, those who have historically profited from it are fighting to prevent a political renaissance.

At one point in the history of our country, concerns about career politicians weren’t an issue because career politicians simply did not exist. This allowed for politicians who had additional experience in fields such as medicine, economics, and sociology. The solution to the problem of elitism is the removal of its appeal. If Trump can deliver on his “Drain the Swamp” initiative, we can expect a paradigm shift in modern, American politics- one that is refreshing, and long overdue.