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Project Veritas strikes again with new whistle blower audio from inside CNN’s news rooms. An anonymous source within CNN provided the audio to Project Veritas. There are 119 hours of raw audio recorded in 2009, which reveal their misrepresentation of polling data and blatant false reporting.

James O’Keefe, creator of Project Veritas, asks the internet community to come together to comb through the audio. This story immediately crashed the Project Veritas website because of the overwhelming interest.

In addition to releasing the audio, O’Keefe is also offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with legally obtained materials exposing media malfeasance. O’Keefe states “If you have hidden audio recordings, video tapes, or documents inside of a news room or media institution – and the material is good enough – I will pay you $10,000.” He continued by stating that applies to any major mainstream media organization.

For more information, check @JamesOKeefeIII on Twitter.