New York to Ban Literacy Test for Teachers Citing Racism and Poverty — The Beltway Times


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New York education officials are reportedly preparing to eliminate a literacy test for teaching candidates applying for jobs in the state.

The reason behind the planned removal of literacy testing — a 46% pass rate for Hispanics and a 41% pass rate for black candidates provides white candidates, passing at at 64% rate, with an unfair advantage.

Pace University’s education professor Leslie Sodak believes that the test is “weeding out” minorities from the candidacy pool, leaving only majority white group to be selected from.

“Having a white workforce really doesn’t match our student body anymore,” Sodak stated in an interview.

Kate Walsh, the President of the National Council on Teacher Quality, similarly opined that the minorities that fail the test do not pass because of reasons such as racism and poverty in the country.

Ian Rosenblum, executive director of New York’s office for the Education Trust, labeled the online teachers literacy test as an exam that a “high school senior” should be able to pass.

A study in December of 2016 conducted by the National Council on Teacher Quality concluded that 44% of education/teaching programs can not be certain that most of their incoming candidates are not among the top 50% of college graduates.