Riot Ensues After Milo Speech Cancelled — The Beltway Times


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Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech at UC Berkeley was cancelled last night after protesters began throwing smoke bombs and setting fires outside. Milo was evacuated safely, but the protest quickly escalated into a riot. UC Berkeley Police Chief Margo Bennett told NBC News that she did not believe the college’s students were involved and stated that it was “a group of agitators that were masked.” The agitators threw rocks and commercial-grade fireworks at the police. It quickly escalated to throwing Molotov cocktails, throwing metal barricades, setting fires, overturning street lights, and acts of violence. After one man was beaten unconscious with a shovel, the rioters continued to beat him.

Campus Spokesperson Dan Mogulof described a group who “came in uniform, covered in black” and “utilized paramilitary tactics in a clearly designed and thought out plan. The riot continued late into the night, long after Yiannopoulos was removed from campus. Few live feeds were available because the rioters began attacking the media covering the event.

Heatstreet journalist Ian Miles Cheong was one of the few who continued to tweet from the scene. His first-hand account can be found here.