Message to the Left: As a Jew, the 'Alt-Right' Doesn't Scare Me. Neo-Nazis Don't Scare Me. YOU Scare Me. — The Beltway Times


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So, have you heard that Donald Trump has actual NAZIS and actual WHITE NATIONALISTS among his supporters?!

Supposedly this is a true story. No substantiation, but true. If I had the only ‘damn’ left in this whole world, and the fate of humanity rested on having just one single damn to save it from eternal destruction, I just could… not… give… it. It could be the smallest damn ever known, but I can’t give it. I can’t give even the teeniest, tiniest, damn about what minor insignificant fringe groups align themselves with enormous ideologies consisting of millions of people.

When an issue is important to the left, and bad people are on the opposite side, they want the rest of us to care. If the reverse is true, they’re suddenly the Wizard of Oz asking us not to look behind the curtain. I haven’t seen news reports yet declaring that the successes of environmentalists is negative for society because Nazis were also environmentalists. Hitler insisted that the leadership of the party be nonsmokers. This should mean that it is now the moral duty of every leftist to take up smoking.

I believe, as do many American Jews, that the primary and most important ideology for us to defend and fight for is all-encompassing freedom. If you take a quick glimpse at the history of the world prior to the 20th century, what we see is the endless rise and fall of oppressive autocracies as they battled each other for supremacy.

But the 20th century is where America broke out onto the world stage and the concept of Western values took root and expressed itself. The ideas of expressive liberties had their finest hour. The ‘good’ part of the world defeated the ‘bad’ part of the world because of one thing: freedom. Large groups of people were allowed to come to their own conclusions and act in the interest of those conclusions, and because humanity has the maturity to handle this freedom we reached what can be definitively called the ‘right’ conclusions.

If we as Americans were not allowed to be critical of our government, of any ideology we wanted, if we were limited to thinking one thing and feeling one thing and no longer allowed to live our lives as an expression of that freedom, why would America have cared what atrocities the Germans were committing? If we were only allowed to care about certain things contained within a certain spectrum of thought and emotion, there’s no reason to suggest we would suddenly jump the bounds and just happen to have the right opinions in areas we had no history being allowed to explore. We could have taken the easy way out and allied with Germany to defeat Soviet Russia and scare the United Kingdom into submission.

Expressive freedom allowed good to defeat evil because good was able to express itself fully and to take on the full scope of the argument in favor of evil. Less than 24 hours ago people were setting fire to Washington D.C. because they disagreed with America’s 230 year old fundamental process for electing our president, and because they believe they have moral high ground it gives them authority to silence us through intimidation and to force their rule of law on us. Their group is thousands of times larger than American neo-Nazis, mind you.

The left loves to highlight a single, famous example of the ‘alt right’: a video of a few mentally handicapped individuals giving a Seig Heil salute in a very small conference room, a room which had about three dozen non-media attendants for a conference which had been broadly publicized by the media and pushed by the organizers for weeks. Meanwhile, George Soros is capable of rounding up thousands in an hour for a massive protest full of people wondering why they’re breaking stuff this time.

We need to be smarter as a people and as a nation than to buy into the idea that the massively large umbrella of any mainstream ideology can be discredited by an insignificant, fringe group of people. This sets us up to be manipulated since the only thing people who hate us would need to do would be to set up a group of radical people as supporters of an opposing ideology, and those who are willing to immediately discount any ideology based on where a few dozen Nazis stand can be easily herded wherever they are needed.

If I’m picking sides, give me 30 people who hate Jews and want to destroy our liberties over 30,000 people who are indifferent to Jews and want to destroy our liberties. It’s really not a difficult choice.

As a historically persecuted minority I would love to just gobble up this huge plate of fear the left puts in front of me constantly. It looks so delicious. Unfortunately, not only is it not kosher (bullshit is definitely trayf), but everyone I see eating from the plate of leftist social justice warrior buffoonery is hugely fat and constantly starting fires directly related to thigh friction. Where do you think all of those inaugural fires actually came from? The ‘screw our president‘ boy was just covering for his mom, who was missing because a truck filled with cream cheese had just driven by and she had to roll herself after it.

So here’s my message to you, dearest Left-wing crackpots: Myself and other Jewish conservatives do not fear what you are trying to make us fear. We fear you. We fear an ideology that calls itself ‘peaceful’ while masked marauders physically attack others for the expressions on their clothes or for looking like they support an opponent. We fear an ideology that encourages the destruction of both private and public property, that disrupts travel, tries to shut down events to prevent people from hearing and being heard, and that intimidates those who you failed to stop.

We fear an ideology that purports to defend Jews under the minority umbrella but directly attacks Israel, the only real sanctuary we have from historically consistent persecution. We fear an ideology which directly supports Islamists who want to drive us into the sea and eliminate all traces of our existence while refusing to criticize this in favor of protecting them and defending them and misdirecting public consciousness onto how peaceful they appear to be. Because, apparently, Americans are so morally ignorant that they must be spoon fed their information and told how great Muslims really are so we can have the thoughts we’re supposed to have according to our morally superior Overlords. Otherwise, just like the KKK once did, we will disguise ourselves and hit the streets to terrorize others based on their race or identity or political affiliation. Oh, wait…

Those of us who have not yet awoken are stirring. Religious, halacha observant Jews voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump and against the ctrl-left. While the left’s iron grip around minorities ever tightens and squeezes the life out of them in response to the greatest threat to the Democratic Plantation since the Civil War, the Jewish people are breaking free in record numbers and they will not ever, ever get us back.