March4Trump Lands New Celebrity Face For Trump — The Beltway Times


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Celebrities have been no stranger to the Anti-Trump bandwagon. Recently, a number of celebrities have taken the opportunity to bash Trump at every awards show held since his inauguration. But one singer, Joy Villa, crashed the party when she showed up at the Grammy Awards wearing a Make America Great Again gown.  

The stunt was first thought to be a publicity stunt.  However, it turned out it was quite the opposite. Villa and the dress’ designer, Andre Soriano, have since appeared in various interviews announcing their support for President Trump.

Villa was a little known artist until she walked the red carpet in that amazing dress. She became an instant sensation with Trump supporters, who applauded her for making such a bold statement in the face of the hatred being spewed from celebrities on a daily basis. Her album sales on iTunes soared over 18,000% after her appearance at the Grammys.  

Now Villa is throwing her support behind a grassroots movement that has swept the country. The Beltway Times has previously reported on the March4Trump events taking place around the country this weekend. Organizers released details of Villa’s role as keynote speaker at the Washington D.C. event, which is scheduled to be held at the Washington Monument at noon on Saturday.

The singer and designer will be hosting a private dinner following the event at the Trump Hotel.  

The March4Trump event is also teaming up with organizers around the country to host similar rallies, with guest speakers being lined up at those events as well. If you can’t make it to Washington D.C. there is sure to be an event nearby. Regardless, you don’t want to miss out on this chance to continue your show of support for President Trump and his team’s work.