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Earlier this month I highlighted a phenomenon known as March4Trump. What started out as a simple march in D.C. in support for President Trump, has now spread nationwide. From the towering skyline of New York City to the mountain tops of Tennessee, from the plains of Texas to the coastlines of sunny California, thousands are expected to gather on March 4th in solidarity for President Trump. But one unexpected group has joined the efforts; the Gays For Trump organization is now helping lead the way.

Gays For Trump emerged during the 2016 campaign as a way to unite conservative LGBTQ around the Donald Trump movement. The group sponsored billboards supporting Trump in North Carolina and Florida, two key swing states that Trump landed in his favor.  

In January the group held a gala to celebrate the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Now those efforts have landed the group squarely in the center of a movement that is sweeping the country.

The group is defying the norm of the LGBTQ community and is openly coming out in support of Trump. Peter Boykin, one of the organizers of Gays For Trump, now leads the effort in Washington D.C.

I spoke to Mr. Boykin about his newfound role in this event. He explained his group joined the March4Trump to help build its presence. Boykin stated, “The network we have built means we have our hands in the organization of many of the locations such as D.C.” The group has latched onto the event with a lot of enthusiasm.

As previously reported, the event is designed to be a peaceful march, and Boykin said he intends to keep with that theme as the event unfolds. “There has been no real backlash thus far,” said Boykin. He says the group has partnered with the local Veterans Affairs hospital thanks to veteran Vince Haney, who first organized the March4Trump event.

Boykin is asking that all participants bring a new unused clothing item, laundry or hygiene product  to the event.  The event is donating all the items directly to the Washington D.C. VA Medical Center.

Boykin claims that this is a way to support our veterans who fought to provide us this opportunity to march. He said after he saw the aftermath of the Women’s March he was appalled at the way they trashed the nation’s capital. This also keeps with the idea Vince Haney envisioned of “leaving D.C. in better shape than we found it.”

The group is also asking people to donate $25 to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. This charity received a great amount of support from the Eric Trump Foundation, which ceased operations at the end of last year to avoid any potential conflict with the President.

The march plans on having several speakers, but no specifics have been announced just yet. There will also be a prayer service to help kick off the event.  Boykin claims he is also working on lining up a keynote speaker for the event.

Boykin told the Beltway Times that this is just the beginning of what he expects to be a Big League year for his organization. He hopes to build on the success of the March4Trump event “as we work toward our biggest planned event- the Deplorable July”. That event is tentatively scheduled for July 1st in Washington D.C. to celebrate the first Independence Day under President Trump. The organization also plans on having booths at several Gay Pride events throughout the summer. In addition the group has plans to host a “Trumptoberfest” in D.C. in the fall.

This is truly shaping up to be an unforgettable year for Trump supporters. The President needs to see a face of support as he tackles monumental tasks this year. These events can be a beacon of light that drowns out the shadows of hatred from the left. So, I encourage each and every reader to get behind grassroot movements like March4Trump.

The organizers for the event have set up several websites to provide information and to help raise money to host the events.  I have listed the links below:

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