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The presidential election in France has more drama and scandal than our recent election. There are allegations of one candidate misusing Twitter, lashing out at the media, and taking a hard line on illegal immigration and radical Islamic terrorism. The current front runner is making accusations that the Russians are tampering with the election. If this sounds familiar, then Marine Le Pen and the presidential election in France will assuredly be interesting.

Anderson Cooper will interview Le Pen on 60 Minutes on Sunday, March 5 at 7 p.m. ET. A preview can be seen here. She has been described as a Trump-like candidate, but she may be even more blunt. In a recent BBC interview she replied to a question about France following the Brexit model with “Sorry, but don’t you think it’s time to stop with the propaganda?”

The electoral process in France is much different than the United States, but Americans should pay attention to what is happening in 2017, because populism and nationalism might be spreading to France if Marine Le Pen wins the presidential election. The latest polls show her only one percentage point behind Emmanuel Macron, who is currently in the lead.

The Basics

A candidate must win 50% + 1 votes in order to win the election. This will result in two rounds; the first with all candidates, then the second with only the two front runners. The first will be held on April 23, 2017, and the second on May 7, 2017. French presidents can serve two consecutive five-year terms.

Five Major Candidates

  • Marine Le Pen (National Front (FN) She now faces three years in prison for tweeting graphic pictures of ISIS violence in 2015. She intends to close radical mosques, drastically cut the flow of immigrants into the country, revise trade policy, and go back to using the franc rather than the euro. She also wants to withdraw from the European Union.
  • François Fillon (Republicans (LR) He currently faces a possible indictment in a financial scandal in which his wife and children were ghost employees. They were paid nearly a million dollars in salary for doing virtually no work. He was leading the race until the scandal unfolded, so he plans to stay in until the end despite the controversy.
  • Emmanuel Macron (En Marche! (EM) The media is currently reporting that he is the favorite to win after Fillon’s scandal. There have been persistent rumors that he had an affair with the president of France Radio, Mathieu Gallet. His positions are polar opposites of Le Pen. He favors free trade, cultural changes, immigration, and plans to remain in the European Union.
  • Benoît Hamon (Socialist Party (PS) He is the “Bernie Sanders of France,” which means that he is anti-capitalist and anti-globalist. He wants to implement a universal income as well as legalize marijuana.
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Unsubmissive France (FI) He kicked off his campaign with a very cool hologram presentation to place emphasis on the technology that is part of his citizen revolution platform. He is a far-left politician with a large YouTube and social media following, so he is reaching younger and less traditional voters. Like Le Pen, he also professes a distaste for the media. He is portrayed as the people’s candidate because he wants to give power back to the citizenry.

For those not suffering from election fatigue in the U.S., following the French election will provide another opportunity to watch more spectacular political theater. The race is so close that it will be another nail-biter.


  • Michael Slavin Sr.

    Outstanding! Insightful and truthful commentary is a breath of fresh air compared to the NWO lame stream agenda driven media that infests our world.

  • Michael Slavin Sr.

    UPDATE; 3-6-2017 French citizens following the lead by the U.S and Great Britain? One can only hope so. 7-1-2016 (1802) Yet another purposely created government problem by the NWO/One-worlders at the expense of the citizens it claims to be helping/protecting. Great Britain makes the intelligent first move out of the European Union ~Michael Slavin Sr.~

    “If SHEEP could vote they would pick the person who feeds them, even if it is the same person that will “SLAUGHTER” them later.”

    No surprises here, erase borders and overwhelm the infrastructure, stretch resources/money to the breaking point in the name of diversity all the while expanding governmental control and power over the minions.

    Then create yet another “department of everything” to deal with all the issues/problems that develop because of their ruinous edicts.

    This is another reason why the idiotic Angela Merkel and other ‘leaders’ of the socialistic European Union are letting their countries get over-run with Muslim immigrants.

    Government bureaucrats create 99.9% of the very problems that government bureaucrats claim to be the solution for over and over again, year after year, decade after decade and then blame someone else/another entity or another party for the problems that the government created to begin with. Insane? Yes……

    This has all been part of the NWO plan, but it has increased exponentially under the “Manchrian Candidate/Trojan Horse” potus that we have had to suffer with for nearly 8 years.

    This was yet another reason for the over-bloated faceless bureaucracy known as the European Union materializing in 1993. Under the guise of competing with the United States economically, the haphazardly cobbled ‘union’ has never achieved that which its backers claimed it would.

    What did it achieve?

    It centralized power for a few at the expense of the many.

    It enriched the few at the expense of many.

    It created bright futures for a few and crushed the futures of the many.

    This is also the reason NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was created in 1994, the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is again another way to “erase borders” in the world. All of these plans were put forth in economic terms, yet IMHO they were again another piece of the puzzle that is the New World Order.

    Marxist/fascist/totalitarian/despotic/socialistic leaders have “ALWAYS” claimed that the general population is/was not intelligent enough to run their own lives. SO in their mentally challenged little minds it was their civic duty to put forth a plan/vision for the common good of all.

    To them though it matters not how many corpses result from their totalitarian “grand collective plan.” It was always full speed ahead to see their plans through to cancerous fruition.

    You can go back to the formation of the “most criminal and most useless entity” on the face of the earth, the United Nations. This “MISTAKE” should be the template for all citizens to use to thwart present and future power grabs. (I have a dissertation about ending/leaving the U.N. for those that are interested.

    It is way past high time that the United States and other like-minded western countries either “End the U.N.” or just leave it in the “collective dust-heap.”

    The “one-worlders” know that the only way to achieve their ‘grand visions’ is to break down the United States to near 3rd world country status. These dimwitted socialists goal is to lower the standard of living for the west down to the shit-hole socialistic countries level(s).

    My hope is that the historic decision of Great Britain leaving the E.U. prompts other European countries to follow in kind. (I know there are still issues to be ironed out within Great Britain as of this writing).

    Maybe this will be looked at by historians 50 years hence, as the beginning of the end of being ruled and controlled by the few at the expense of the many.