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Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was confirmed on Wednesday evening as the new attorney general, but what are his views on hot button issues?


Sessions is focused on protecting American workers by curbing illegal immigration that drives down wages. He strongly opposed the “gang of eight,” that made immigration enforcement more difficult, allowed illegals to be eligible for welfare and citizenship, and issued 33 million green cards in ten years. Sessions believes that it is important to “stop rewarding illegality.” He has been an advocate for the E-Verify system that will create a federal database that employers may use to easily check the immigration status of a potential employee. Sessions is also a supporter of strong border enforcement to prevent illegal immigration.

The Judiciary

Sessions supported anti-activist judges who adhered to principals and did not try to legislate from the bench. His legislative priorities are promoting law and order and giving intelligence agencies the necessary tools to fight terrorism. He has fought against online pharmacies that dispense drugs without prescriptions. He authored a bill to protect missing children and end the “proliferation of child pornography.”

Foreign Affairs

Sessions intends to fight foreign extremists, radicals, and terrorists, but believes that military action should be a last resort. The protection of American interests begins with actions such as economic sanctions and diplomatic relations; however, he will not hesitate to act if the U.S. is threatened.

Budget, Economy, Taxes

Sessions focuses on growing the economy rather than the government. He is in favor of lowering taxes and limiting spending. In 2011, he introduced the Honest Budget Act that would have eliminated Congress’ ability to unethically play with numbers and end their ability to spend without an accurate and honest budget established.

Health and Wellness

Sessions was opposed to Obamacare because it set a dangerous precedent. He believes that forcing citizens to purchase insurance by punishing them additional tax burdens might lead to the government coercing citizens to do other things that the government deems necessary. He is in favor of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act with a program that costs less, promotes competition, and gives consumers more choices.