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Thursday: Man Charged With Drawing Swastikas On Campus

Police in Plainview, Florida, have charged Jasskirat Saint, 20, with aggravated harassment for drawing swastikas several times in a variety of locations around the campus of Nassau Community College.

Jasskiat Saint

On Oct. 15, three swastikas were found drawn inside a men’s bathroom in the area. In two more incidents later that month, additional racially-charged graffiti was found in nearby bathrooms.

As a result of an investigation on Tuesday, Nassau County Police said they discovered Saini drawing two swastikas on the exterior wall of Building H and scrawling the phrase ‘KKK’ on the floor of F Building Cluster 225 at Nassau Community College.

Saini will be arraigned on Wednesday in Hempstead, FL.


Wednesday: Man Charged With Burning Down Church and Spray Painting “Vote Trump”

Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church

Remember when a predominantly African-American church was burned to the ground in Greenville, Mississippi, just a week before the election? In addition to committing arson, the perpetrator had spray painted “Vote Trump” along the side of the church. Mainstream and social media was abuzz, casting a multitude of aspersions on Trump voters they felt were committing racially-motivated crimes.

Andrew McClintock

An African-American man has just been arrested and charged with burning Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, Miss. last month and defacing its outer walls with “Vote Trump” graffiti.

The Mississippi state police arrested Andrew McClinton, who is, ironically, a 45-year-old member of the church, on Wednesday and charged him with first-degree arson of a place of worship.

Republicans formed a GoFundMe account that raised more than $240,000 to repair the facility.


December 1: A South Jersey Man Arrested For Spray Painting “Trump Rules” And “Black Bitch” On Neighborhood Vehicles.


William Tucker

William Tucker, a 58-year-old resident of South Jersey, was arrested and charged with vandalizing several vehicles and homes in South Philadelphia on the day after the presidential election, police announced on December 1.

On the morning of the vandalism, residents on the block awoke to find racist and pro-Trump graffiti spray painted on their store windows, cars, and homes.

One of the vandalized vehicles was a white SUV that had “Trump Rules” and “Black Bitch” spray-painted across it in large letters. The 62-year-old owner of the car, who is an African-American woman, reported the vandalism to the police, who were able to identify Tucker through surveillance video.