Donald Trump Trounces John Lewis During MLK Month. OH, THE HUMANITY (Purge Edition) — The Beltway Times


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Donald Trump has done the unthinkable. Today, at about 5:00AM (doesn’t he know that waking up before 1PM is the work of misogynistic patriarchal hate farmers?), Donald Trump uttered a criticism towards a protected class during the month of Martin Luther King’s birthday. The weekend of his birthday no less!

I’ve had a quick look at headlines reporting this awful event. Here are a few headlines which have totally not been editorialized in any way, no sir, not at all.

The Guardian: Donald Trump starts MLK weekend by attacking civil rights hero John Lewis

Talking Points Memo: Trump Lashes Out At Civil Rights Icon, Congressman John Lewis On Twitter Trump rips civil rights hero John Lewis and his ‘crime infested’ congressional district

BBC: John Lewis: Trump slammed for attack on rights icon

It should first be noted that each of these outlets have been wisely characterized as ‘garbage’, ‘fake news’, and in the specific case of BBC, a ‘beauty’ (the wise pundit who used this characterization was employing sarcasm though. They are not a beauty, not a beauty at all.)

The selected headlines are all extractions of many variations on the same theme. Trump is a meanie who attacked someone who did good things 50 years ago and he did it during a time span which includes a civil rights holiday within short proximity. To be precise, what John Lewis did was declare his intent to boycott the inauguration with the reasoning that PEOTUS Trump is not our legitimate president because Russia revealed just how evil the DNC and Hillary Clinton truly are. There are a million reasons why his justification is built on false premises but let’s just move on. He said some very stupid, ill informed things, and Donald Trump responded with empirically true criticisms of John Lewis who’s constituency is mired in poverty and crime and only getting worse.

Shutting down dissent through character attacks and misdirection to the irrelevant is what the left has done extensively with significant success for decades. They will attack and label and do some really twisted things, and if you respond with anything but apologies for breathing they’ll dig into your past, or pull out identity politics, or even try to find an irrelevant event or issue you happen to be infringing on with your ill-timed remarks to discredit you.

Who gives a flying Hillary fart what holiday is about to be upon us when the issue is completely unrelated to the event? John Lewis blames space aliens for Trump’s presidential win (that should probably say ‘blames Russians’ but I’m too lazy to edit something that means the same thing anyways), and Trump criticized him for his pathetic representation of his district.

Did you see the words ‘civil rights’ in there or ‘Martin Luther King’? Me neither. Maybe the Jews have changed my article without me noticing, if they can influence an election they could certainly do that. I mean the Russians. No, wait, space aliens. Definitely the Russians. All of them?

Anyways, this is the frame we’ve been given. A civil rights icon has been slain on the eve’s eve of Martin Luther King Jr. day by the verbal assassin Donald Trump. Is Martin Luther King Jr. Day considered a holiday that needs the weekend added to it as well? It isn’t really the same kind of holiday as Labor Day. My personal feeling is that having a nationally celebrated and federally recognized civil rights holiday is extremely important for many, many reasons and MLK’s birthday is an obvious choice for this. But it’s not exactly a holiday that people associate the prior weekend with as well.

I live in an area which has quite a few black people, and I didn’t just have black friends in high school but my only friends were black (This revokes my racist white privilege right? No? Crap.) That’s right, I’m super hip. In all that time not once did I hear of an MLK Day weekend picnic that my buddies were going to. Maybe I wasn’t as hip as I thought but my friends never invited me to the MLK Day weekend church potluck. Or maybe it’s because I’m Jewish. It couldn’t be because I’m not hip. Have you ever heard of people doing their MLK Day weekend preparations?

My conclusion is the MLK Day weekend is a myth perpetuated on the spot by fake news to further vilify Donald Trump because they can not defend themselves from positions of logic and reason. In doing this, they’re basically saying that the newly created ‘MLK Day Weekend’ is the (leftist) blacks-only version of The Purge, where (leftist) blacks can run buck wild and nobody can say anything about it or they will be drowned out by the collective gasps of those shocked that someone dared infringe on ‘The Purge – Blacks Only Edition’. There is a lot of purging to be done, so (leftist) blacks have the benefit of one weekend in January to purge, and the entire month of February. Why do they have to use the shortest month of the year in which to conduct their purging? Racism. Duh.

But the beginning of ‘The Purge – Blacks Only Edition’ is not the only horrible thing Donald Trump infringed on when he dared force John Lewis to come in contact with criticism. John Lewis has also done some positive stuff in the past. To be fair, what he did was pretty admirable, his civil rights record and personal sacrifices are sterling. It doesn’t matter that he is now just another politician bloated on the power of his position and echoing the Democrat platform towards minorities, which goes, “Every time we are up for election we solemnly swear to solemnly swear that we give some damns about you. After that, if it looks like we don’t, it’s because Republicans.

What Trump didn’t realize is, if, at any point in history, a person does stuff that Democrats have decided gives them super-protected class status, they get to live their own personal version of The Purge for the rest of their lives. Witness this in effect with radical Muslims (the stuff they did that qualifies them is ‘being born’, and not being ‘not Muslim’), with lefties saying in many different ways that ‘terror is part of life, if you don’t like it you’re weird and phobic’. So Trump infringed not only on ‘The Purge – Blacks Only Edition’, but also ‘The Purge – John Lewis Edition’.

Leftists have to build up protected classes and individual peoples who have protections to purge because it is the only way to forward their unjustifiable and indefensible ideology without it being utterly destroyed through rational thought.

If someone tries to take them on the playing field of rational thought, they will simply change to a new playing field of irrational thought, and call you racist for playing. Don’t let them do this. Bust through their ‘protected class’ armor and take away their self-given rights to purge. John Lewis is a black man, and all black men are equal to all other men in class, status, and in the standard of accountability.

He is not weaker than any of us, he does not need to be protected, and he does not get to say whatever he wants without critical response because of an impending holiday. No minorities need to be protected because of inherent weakness. It is up to us to hold fast to our obligations to the idea of racial equality in every way including the absolute toughest ways, and that includes denying the temptation to treat our fellow brethren as inferior through racially awarded weakness. That standard holds for awarding weakness to any other identity as well simply because ‘identity’.

Trump has a stellar record in his history with race relations; he knows this, and hasn’t let the playing field be switched on him. It is up to us to follow his lead.