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President-elect Trump gave a speech today at Carrier Air Conditioning’s Indiana headquarters after reaching a deal with the company to keep a thousand of their jobs in the United States. In the speech, Donald Trump praised Carrier and their parent company, United Technologies, for making the deal to maintain one of their existing factories previously scheduled for a move to Mexico.

President-elect Trump gave credit for the deal to one of the Carrier workers, who was at the factory Trump spoke at, who Trump had seen a week before in a recorded interview. The worker said he was “not worried that Carrier would leave because Donald Trump had promised he would make them stay,” and spoke of his faith that the President-elect would get a deal done.

Trump was moved by the interview, and it prompted him to call Gregory Hayes, the CEO of United Technologies, to try to broker an arrangement to keep the company in the United States and cancel the impending move to Monterrey, Mexico.

It was a fascinating event to watch, and marked the first major televised speech that Donald Trump has given since his victory in the early morning of November 9.

Watch President-elect Trump’s speech, in full.