David Duke Endorses DNC Candidate Keith Ellison — The Beltway Times


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During the campaign season the Democratic Party seemed to have a team specifically dedicated to tracking every word of David Duke.  The mere mention of Donald Trump by Duke sent Democrats out in droves.  Like a set of whack-a-moles, they popped up on every news outlet demanding Trump disavow the KKK.

But where are they now? David Duke has seemingly endorsed DNC Chair candidate Keith Ellison.  That’s right, in a tweet yesterday David Duke stated he “really liked” Keith Ellison.  The official statement coming from the Democrats: CRICKETS!

If there was any doubt to Duke’s endorsement he followed it up today with another tweet, responding to a report that his tweet was an endorsement of Congressman Ellison.

Another day has passed and Ellison’s campaign has not yet disavowed the endorsement.  A quick look at the campaign’s twitter reveals nothing of the sort.  The Democratic Party is in dire shape- perhaps they can use all the support they can get…even if it is from David Duke.