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Of all of the media-proclaimed “racists” Trump has selected for his cabinet thus far, one in particular has been facing a peculiar amount of criticism and negative press.

Enter the former Senator of Alabama, Jeff Sessions.

The senator became a social media target during his confirmation hearing earlier this week. MTV News Culture Writer Ira Madison took to Twitter and made the following statement: “Sessions, sir, kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys ‘R’ Us you stole her from.”

Without a doubt, this sentiment is the byproduct of a complicit media and a collective DNC effort to paint the senator as a racist purveyor of white supremacy. What the upcoming Attorney General’s history tells us, however, paints a different picture altogether.

One can also gather what American elitists have to gain by discrediting Sessions by simply examining his policies.

Trump’s selection of Jeff Sessions speaks volumes about the intentions of a Trump presidency. The former senator is consistently outspoken on the country’s need for strong border control. In fact, Sessions is vehemently anti-amnesty to the point of bipartisanship. He denounced George W. Bush’s attempts at relaxing the country’ immigration policies in 2007. This poses a significant threat to states receiving federal subsidies for providing safe havens for illegal immigrants.

In order for the significance of this to be understood, one must first understand the fundamental problem with open borders: the inevitable entry of criminals. One thing the country can certainly expect as a result of Sessions is that America will no longer be fair game for anyone that wants to bypass the legal process of entry.

One of the more popular critics of Sessions is the unsubstantiated claim that he is racially intolerant — a throwback to the days of the pre-Civil War South, according to the ever-objective legacy media.

This claim however, doesn’t require much effort to debunk. In fact, a simple Google search for “Jeff Sessions: Civil Rights” will do the trick.

Turns out that Sessions supported the 30-year extension of the Civil Rights Act. Sessions was personally responsible for the (legal) execution of KKK leader Bennie Hays for the murder of Michael Donald, which was the last recorded lynching in the United States. Sessions’ work on this case also catalyzed a civil suit, which awarded Donald’s mother $7 million in damages. Sessions’ efforts established a legal precedent to prosecute other racist organizations in this country and his tireless work earned the respect of many notable figures in the arena of civil liberties.

Despite all left-wing efforts to paint Sessions as a racist, those who know him well, from all racial and ethnic groups, have been outspoken in their support of Sessions. Because of this, it is clear that President-elect Trump plans to utilizing Session’s egalitarianism to mend the racial divide left in the aftermath of the Obama Administration.

Though the American people will soon see our next attorney general as the decent, fair, honest man that the majority of his Senate colleagues have acknowledged him as, the mainstream media cannot be counted on to do the same. Globalist political and media interests understand what is at stake with Sessions at the wheel and their underlying reasons for opposing his confirmation have become as apparent as ever.