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The American people want to know the truth and make quality decisions that affect their lives and the lives of those they love. I believe that people want true change and that change comes from unbiased dialogue. The media bias that exists today makes it difficult for some people to get a true perspective about our country’s politics and political leaders.

No! I am not drinking the GOP Kool-Aid, but I agree with most of their policies.

No! I am not a sell out or an Uncle Tom.

A political party is not a racial social club. The NCGOP state conventions that I have attended have felt more like church and family reunions than what the media would make you think. It is a choice that many of our black ancestors after slavery embraced with pride after the Civil War. Over 85% of slaves were in the Republican Party after the War even holding state offices in states such as Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama – the Deep South. Once these gains were achieved guess what happened? There were individuals that did not like this change and wanted to suppress the black vote giving rise to the birth of the Ku Klux Klan. Blacks stopped voting as Jim Crow laws in the south began. These changes were brought forth by the Democratic Party and progressive thinking.

Donald Trump won. I voted for him, but not because he was the lesser of two evils. Trump is not evil and neither is Hillary Clinton. We have created a culture in America that showed its ugliness during this election – and I am glad it is over. However, the will of the people spoke and he was the victor on November 8th. I can understand why some Americans feel disappointed in the outcome of the election.
Hours after the election was over and after Hillary’s concession speech, people took to the streets of NYC and other cities protesting the election, which is their right. People were upset and hurt. I understand that, but I do not understand being upset and hurt to the point that they demagogued themselves as victims. This victimhood ideology is what drives a lot of the leftist machine and what pits one group against another.

The sponsored rallies feed the spirit of victim-hood. I did not allow myself to become a victim, even though I was upset with the 2008 and 2012 elections. There were many people I know who did not vote for Obama in 2008 who were upset and did not like the direction America would go. Obama won fair and square because the will of the people spoke. Eight years later, the left is asking for the end of the Electoral College, a recount, calling Trump unqualified to hold office and blockading streets and highways. I have not liked these past 8 years while Obama was President. Even though I did not vote for him, he is still my President.

I am optimistic where America can go and will believe that Trump can help make America great again. I did the same in 2008 when Obama won. Ultimately, I know where my help comes from and as a believer in the Most High, I always put my trust in Him.

In Him I am victorious and not a victim!