American Horror Story takes on 2016 Election — The Beltway Times


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A new Vanity Fair article reports that the 2016 election will be the subject of the next season of American Horror Story. Hollywood has not received the message that their indoctrination is being rejected.

Entertainment has taken a backseat to politics during every Hollywood awards show since the election.  Four days after a Stranger Things actor at the SAG awards said “we will hunt monsters,” and “we will punch some people in the face,” Milo Yiannopoulos’ Berkeley speech was shut down by violence. It appears that the new season of American Horror Story will literally turn Trump and his supporters into monsters.

The self-congratulatory applause will cease when Americans stop spending their time and money supporting the people who demonize them. Hollywood must take a lesson from Joy Villa. The singer went from an unknown to being on track to break into the Billboard Top 10 chart after wearing a MAGA dress by fashion designer Andre Soriano, to the Grammy Awards.