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As I sit in the airport (Democrat for Trump sign in hand) awaiting my flight to D.C. for the inauguration ceremonies. I can not help but think of what this trip means. The inauguration has historically been a symbol of our democracy for hundreds of years- a dynamic representation of the peaceful transfer of power in our nation. Of course each one had its own appeal, but this one seems to bear the weight of so much more.

The 2016 campaigns were filled with lots of emotions. For many, this inauguration is an opportunity for celebration. For others it is an apocalyptic moment that will set off a chain of events destroying the human race. We all know the latter is a far fetched liberal battle cry, but at least they’ll be OK in their safe spaces with cocoa and crayons.

Over the last year, many Trump supporters including myself have endured a lot of torment, from being cursed, spit at, called names, to being singled out and ridiculed. So much for tolerance, right?

The last rally I attended for Trump took place in Asheville, NC.; the mountain town being a liberal stronghold in the state. My overall experience was met with pleasantries, mainly from other Trump supporters. They knew I was a Democrat, but they welcomed me aboard the Trump Train anyway. The visit could not be complete without the Hillbots (a term for Hillary trolls) showing up and heaving their intolerance. At a local diner, service was basically refused to us. Contrary to the sign in the window, “Make Breakfast Great Again”, it was not!

During the rally we watched as protesters gave Trump the middle finger and shouted obscenities. Outside we were bombarded by screams of “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!” The local police forced us to march into the crowd of protesters in order to be able to leave the event.  A recipe for disaster, but thankfully there were no real incidents.  Experiences like these happened across our country.  We know of places like Chicago and Los Angeles where protests and fights ensued. But, it happened in the shadows of these sprawling metropolises as well.

Kathy Zhu is an 18 year old Trump supporter. Zhu was featured in a Fusion television piece documenting her support for Donald Trump. She has been active on Twitter under the name @PolitcalKathy. I recently spoke to her about her experiences and what this inauguration means to her.

Zhu explained to me her months of hard work volunteering for the Republican party in Orlando, Florida. Like myself, Kathy Zhu was a Democrat turned Trump supporter.  She identifies as a Republican now, but pointed out she does not always agree with their policies.  

She spent a great deal of her time tweeting about her adventures going door to door campaigning for Trump. She even held flash mobs on the streets of Orlando to rally support for him. Kathy was not met without her own experiences of hatred from the Democrats.

She explained to me her experiences with her fellow high school students. “It felt like it’s me against my whole school because they dislike me simply for my political views,” Zhu stated in our interview.  During one of her peaceful flash mobs, a motorist hurdled a burrito at the crowd of cheering Trump supporters.  Just one of the many acts of “tolerance” displayed toward Trump supporters across the country.  Social media is full of tweets and videos of such accounts- just look for yourselves. Perhaps, even you have experienced your own.

Zhu will be attending the Inauguration as well.  She said that “going to the Inauguration is like a reward for what I have strived for. I worked so hard to campaign for Mr. Trump in an important swing state (Florida) and I’m glad the hard work paid off!”  Zhu plans on celebrating with friends and other supporters at various galas being held throughout the week.

Like Kathy, many of us are elated for the fruits of our hard work.  This inauguration means so much to millions of Americans.  This week is for all those people that have poured their hearts and souls into this movement. We know that the protestors are headed to D.C. along with us. They will seek to silence us once again.  Groups have called for chaos and disruption in the city and it could be safely assumed that security in the area will be tight.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage my fellow Trumpians. This movement is a powerful force. Be vigilant and stay prepared in your travels in D.C.  Be brave and be proud of what you have accomplished.  But most importantly, remain far superior to those making this journey for no reason but to incite violence or public disturbances. We are part of something greater than any individual, so let history record us as the true patriots of this historic moment.  We’ve earned it.

See you in D.C.!